A reminder for awareness

A reminder for awareness

A reminder for awareness

A promoter of traditional values is urging people to learn the ideologies and practices of the children's hospitals in their communities.

Family Council noticed when Arkansas Children's Hospital in Little Rock recently used social media to announce its support for celebrating so-called Pride Month. David Cox, vice president of the Little Rock-based family organization, tells AFN that includes the hospital's affiliated clinics, including the Gender Spectrum Clinic for minors.

Cox, David (Family Council) Cox

He says a medical facility should be concerned with providing healthcare, not harm, "especially when it comes to things like cross-sex hormones or puberty blockers."

"Researchers don't know the long-term effects of giving these sorts of drugs and hormones to children," Cox continues. "That's why many experts agree that this is experimental at best."

He adds that surgical gender reassignment mutilates the body, and he says Americans, regardless of where they live, need to be aware of what is taking place locally.

"The important first step is that we understand that these are things that are happening at hospitals right here in our communities and all over the country," Cox reiterates. "Once we understand that, then we can look at … things that we can do to actually address this to make sure that children are protected."

He says Little Rock Children's Hospital should not be foisting the transgender ideology on their young patients.