Speaking up makes a difference

Speaking up makes a difference

Speaking up makes a difference

Though the Biden administration has decided not to require insurance coverage for so-called transgender procedures, many are still concerned about the administration's dedication to that effort.

Rachel Morrison of the Ethics and Public Policy Center (EPPC) says the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) has made clear that it is not backing down from its desire to require insurance coverage for transgender procedures.

Morrison, Rachel (EPPC) Morrison

"It's just choosing not to do so in the insurance regulations it finalized on Thursday," she continues. "It plans to do so in upcoming insurance regulations under Section 1557 of the Affordable Care Act."

When HHS proposed the insurance regulations in January, EPPC formed a coalition and filed public comments from those opposing the rules.

"The agency, when it issued its financial rule, said it didn't want to have to respond to all those comments to issue all the other insurance regulations that it was proposing," Morrison recalls. "So we plan to continue public opposition to the proposal to require dangerous and irreversible and sterilizing gender transition procedures."

As far as Morrison's organization is concerned, children especially need protection from that.

"Minors are unable to consent to the harms that these procedures will cause to them," she asserts. "We encourage others to engage in the regulatory process to oppose these regulations and the requirement that insurers pay for these procedures and that taxpayers and insurance holders pay for them as well."

The EEPC spokeswoman thinks this should be a concern to everyone.

"It's going to affect their insurance plans because their plans will cover these types of procedures, which means that if they have any minor children, the children would be able to access it through their plans," she explains. "Their insurance premiums would pay for these types of procedures, and many of these procedures are tens of thousands of dollars, so this will increase premium costs for individuals."

Morrison adds that such procedures are also harmful.

"They sterilize an individual, they remove healthy body parts, and they encourage a view of a person's body that is not in line with reality," she points out.

Nevertheless, the HHS earlier this year declared that "such amendments are warranted in light of the existing trends in health care discrimination and are necessary to better address barriers to health equity for LGBTQI+ individuals."

Cretella, Dr. Michelle Cretella

An organization that works to guide churches, schools, organizations, families, and individuals in responding to gender ideology and activism supports Florida's surgeon general, Dr. Joseph Ladapo, for boldly and harshly rejecting President Biden's endorsement of gender transition treatment for young children.

"It takes a lot of courage to stand up against Big Pharma, against Big Medicine, who are basically engaging in child abuse and making money off of it," submits Dr. Michelle Cretella of Advocates Protecting Children.

She became associated with Advocates because of its stance against the industry's unethical medical transitions for the sake of profit.

"The goal is just to get the truth out there loud enough and as quickly as possible so that the fewest number of people are hurt, the fewest number of gender-confused children are hurt," Dr. Cretella shares.

As more medical professionals are speaking out, she says churches, families, and individuals can also join the fight at the local level.