A southern rally for medical rights

A southern rally for medical rights

A southern rally for medical rights

A gathering next week at the Mississippi Capitol will proclaim that everybody has the right to decide when to take an injection – and to know what's being injected.

An event known as the "Rally for Medical Freedom" – sponsored by Mississippi Patriots for Vaccine Rights PAC – is scheduled for Wednesday (January 19) in Jackson. It coincides with the nationwide push by federal legislators and bureaucrats for people to get COVID shots, even as a condition of employment. Elected officials in some states and municipalities have also called for COVID shots in order to be inside public venues.

"It is the right of all Mississippians, by God, to decide what is injected into our bodies and when, freely, without coercion or fear of retribution," says a press release from organizers of the rally "Lawmakers should pass laws immediately to protect Mississippians from mandatory liability-free medicine."

One of the speakers at next week's event will be American Family Radio personality Meeke Addison. She tells AFN the upcoming gathering of Mississippi residents is a demonstration of individuals' rights to have autonomy over what they put in their bodies.

Addison, Meeke Addison

"It is just an opportunity for people to stand up and learn how they can lobby their senators and learn how they can really exercise their civil liberties – [such as] What are your rights? and What are your freedoms?" she explains.

"This is kind of very grassroots at a very local level; just people gathering at our state's Capitol to say we are asserting the rights and the freedoms we have in this country while we still can."

The sponsoring PAC argues that vaccine laws in the Magnolia State continue to remain the most draconian and inflexible in the U.S. – and perhaps even in the world. The state's GOP lawmakers, says the group, have "repeatedly" demonstrated their loyalty to wealthy medical lobbies by "killing every medical freedom bill for the past decade."

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