GENECIS Clinic closure isn't enough

GENECIS Clinic closure isn't enough

GENECIS Clinic closure isn't enough

A traditional values organization is looking to the Texas Legislature to solve a child abuse problem.

A division of Children's Hospital in Dallas, Texas has been providing puberty blockers to children as young as eight years old and hormone therapy starting at about age 14 for gender-confused children.

Tracy Shannon of Texas MassResistance says medical professionals who took an oath to do no harm were treating children like guinea pigs.

Shannon, Tracy (Texas MassResistance) Shannon

"There's no long-term study of what happens to these children who are put on puberty blockers for the purpose of resolving their gender dysphoria and their anxiety and depression surrounding that," Shannon points out. "Children as young as one and a half years are being diagnosed as being gender dysphoric or transgender."

The drugs have been known to be physically harmful, and the surgery is a permanent alteration. After Texas MassResitance contacted donors and board members, the children's hospital finally shut down the GENECIS (GENder Education and Care, Interdisciplinary Support) Clinic. Shannon rejoices in that victory but says more needs to be done.

"We still need to pass legislation in Texas to ban these practices," the conservative submits. "We should ban all of them because they're completely unethical and don't do what they say, because nobody can change sex. We really must protect vulnerable children."

Shannon also reports that state residents seeking such legislation are continuing to contact the governor's office. She says they believe the protection of children is so important that the legislature should call another special session.