Europeans vow 'Resistance!' as leaders demand compliance

Europeans vow 'Resistance!' as leaders demand compliance

Austrian protesters march against mandatory vaccines in Vienna beneath a banner that reads, "Stop the globalist filth." 

Europeans vow 'Resistance!' as leaders demand compliance

Millions of Europeans are marching in the streets to demand freedom from freedom-crushing leaders panicking over rising COVID-19 cases, but it is the country of Austria that is making headlines for the most dubious plan of all: Line up every citizen for The Jab, or for their third booster shot, and punish those who refuse.

Austria, a country of 8.9 million, announced late last week it was witnessing a record-breaking number of COVID cases that marked a “fourth wave” for the nation. So it was forcing citizens to stay home and most businesses to close their doors for at least a 10-day period, NPR reported in a Nov. 19 story. The lockdown also came with the announcement Austria’s remaining unvaccinated citizens, who are already barred from some public venues, must get The Jab beginning February 1 or face a $4,000 fine for refusing it.

Austria’s 66% vaccination rate is supposedly lagging behind neighboring countries but, in reality, that rate matches neighbor Switzerland. In Germany, 68% are fully vaccinated and 69% are fully vaccinated in France, according to online figures maintained by The New York Times.

Across the European continent, Bulgaria leads its neighbors with a COVID-19 fatality rate of 3,741 deaths per million. Austria is far down the list at No. 21, behind Italy and France, with a rate of 1,282 deaths per million.

Government leaders worldwide have said for two years the China-born virus is forcing them to close schools, shutter churches, and stop business owners from making a living but there is no scientific reason to lock down a country, says says Twila Brase, a RN who leads Citizens' Council for Health Freedom. That is because, she says, time has now proven how difficult it is to stop the COVID-19 virus from spreading.

“It’s much better to support freedom than to move toward lockdowns and compulsory vaccination,” she tells American Family News, “because there is absolutely no science behind that. And there is no science that that's going to help at all to stop the virus."

Austria vows 'full immunization'

According to a Bloomberg story about Austria, health authorities there are contacting the unvaccinated to schedule a mandatory appointment. Those who have not received a booster shot will also be contacted, and fined if they refuse it, the story said.

“The plan,” an Austrian official told a radio news outlet, “is not only for people to take the first shot but that they really make it to full immunization.”

A health official describing “full immunization” is a curious turn of a phrase since a “booster” shot is said to be essential now because the so-called vaccine loses its virus-fighting potency after just six months of receiving it. Rather than some conspiracy theory, numerous mainstream news outlets have reported on the “waning” effects of the vaccine, and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control itself states the “fully vaccinated” have a “low risk of subsequent infection for at least six months.”

American Family News reported in a Sept. 30 story that 180 million Americans were considered “fully vaccinated” but Dr. Anthony Fauci said at the time a “real complete regimen” means a third dose.

Over the summer, Israel was the first country to offer a third dose after it witnessed a spike in cases. The country had led other developed nations with a 78% vaccination rate but, by the end of summer, half the hospital beds were filled with fully vaccinated Israelis who had lined up for a Pfizer vaccine five months earlier, NPR reported at the time.

Israel’s health minister has announced the country is stocking vaccine supplies in case a fourth round is necessary in the coming year.

Meanwhile, Europeans in Austria, Italy, Switzerland, Croatia, Netherlands, Germany, and Northern Ireland are demanding an end to COVID-19 restrictions that are creeping up on two years, The Daily Mail, a British newspaper, reported over the weekend.

The newspaper described the scene in Austria, where a crowd estimated at 35,000 marched in Vienna:

Brase, Twila (CCHF) Brase

Chanting 'resistance!' and blowing whistles, protesters began to move slowly down the city's inner ring road. Many waved Austrian flags and carried signs mocking government leaders like Chancellor Alexander Schallenberg and Health Minister Wolfgang Mueckstein.

Some wore doctor's scrubs; others donned tinfoil hats. Most of the signs focused on the newly announced vaccine mandate: 'My Body, My Choice,' read one. 'We're Standing Up for Our Kids!' said another. 

According to Brase, Americans should be grateful our system of government includes states’ rights. That is why many state governors are standing up for their citizens and pushing back against our own federal government.

“This kind of thing that's happening in Austria is not really possible to happen in this country,” she predicts, “unless all the governors give up their authority and just yield to the federal government. And I don't see that happening."