Freedom-loving Texas stepping up for rejected transplant recipients

Freedom-loving Texas stepping up for rejected transplant recipients

Freedom-loving Texas stepping up for rejected transplant recipients

Demonstrating again how it values human life, Texas says it's willing to roll out the red carpet for organ transplant patients who have run up against a roadblock in Colorado.

Dawn McLaughlin of Colorado suffers with polycystic kidney disease – but she's been taken off a list for a transplant because she hasn't received a COVID injection. And a second patient in the Rocky Mountain State – Leilani Lutali – is being told she won't be allowed a kidney transplant unless she takes the jab. She has Stage 5 kidney disease. (See story from Fox News)

Kyleen Wright of Texans for Life Coalition explains the Lone Star State is offering to do transplant surgeries – whether patients have the shot or not – in order to help them live.

Wright, Kyleen (TLC) Wright

"There is a generous opt-out provision, and so I'm really glad that Texas is stepping up to the plate and that we have individuals and foundations and a wonderful state hospital at UT Southwestern that are willing to help this lady [McLaughlin] out," Wright tells AFN.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott told Fox News that "anyone being denied critical, life-saving organ transplants is welcome here in Texas, where one's rights and freedoms are always protected." In addition, a Texas-based foundation offers housing and travel assistance to individuals like McLaughlin and Lutali while they await organ transplant surgeries in Texas.

Wright attributes such compassion in part to the support for life in Texas.

"… We [do] value life, but we also value freedom and conscience in this state," the pro-lifer adds. "It's something that I think we sort of take for granted until we see other states moving like this. We don't realize how blessed we are."

McLaughlin is currently in the process of transferring her records to UT Southwestern and told CBS4 in Denver that she could have a new kidney by Christmas.

The Lone Star State's support for preborn babies has been in the news of late: its new Heartbeat Law has been subjected to unsuccessful legal attacks from pro-abortion groups as well as the Biden administration ever since the law took effect on September 1.