AMA prioritizing politics over patients

AMA prioritizing politics over patients

AMA prioritizing politics over patients

A medical professional understands and explains why so many doctors are bailing out of the American Medical Association.

The American Association of Pro-Life Obstetricians and Gynecologists was set up when large medical associations began supporting abortion and assisted suicide. Dr. Christina Francis chairs the organization's board.

Francis, Dr. Christina (AAPLOG) Francis

"We were very disheartened to see the leader of the American Medical Association, one of the largest medical associations in the U.S., come out and say not only that abortion is an essential part of women's healthcare, but that no law should be allowed to regulate it," Dr. Francis relays.

Abortion, or terminating a preborn child's life, she says, is not healthcare. Even so, several medical groups have followed the same course as the AMA.

"These major medical organizations are placing a political agenda ahead of not only the desires and the practices of their members, but also ahead of the health of our patients," Dr. Francis laments. "And for many of us like me, we have decided to disassociate from these major medical groups because of this, because they're simply not listening to their members."

And considering the fact that less than 10% of OB-GYNs include abortion as part of their practice, those groups are not paying attention to the way most doctors practice medicine. With that in mind, Dr. Francis fully expects the AMA will continue to lose members.