Brase: Physician right to resist 'COVID tyranny'

Brase: Physician right to resist 'COVID tyranny'

Brase: Physician right to resist 'COVID tyranny'

An anesthesiologist being escorted out of his workplace for not getting his COVID-19 shots is stirring some mixed opinions.

In a letter to the editor of the Los Angeles Times, Harry Shragg, M.D. of Reseda, said he was glad to see UCLA escort Dr. Christopher B. Rake from his workplace:

Can you imagine how easy it is for him to infect someone as he bends over his patient's open mouth and throat and inserts the endotracheal tube?

You quote Dr. Rake as saying, But what they don't realize is that I'm willing to lose everything — job, paycheck, freedom, even my life for this cause.’ But does that give him the right to ignore the lives of his patients?

But Twila Brase, RN and president/co-founder of Minnesota-based Citizens' Council for Health Freedom, applauds Dr. Rake.

Brase, Twila (CCHF) Brase

"I am heartened by all of the Americans who are standing up against COVID tyranny," she tells American Family News. "This physician understands that this is way bigger than COVID; it's not about COVID anymore. This is all about compliance, it's about adherence, it's about obedience, and this doctor is saying, No, it's about freedom. So I am very happy to have him standing up the way he's standing up."

Up to this point, most of the medical compliance with COVID-related mandates has been among nurses and other hospital workers, and Brase says there is a reason for that.

"Most of the doctors have been following orders, they've been falling in line to do whatever the hospital says, and that's because most doctors today have become employees, and they know that they could lose everything if they don't comply," accounts Brase. "Many of them still have huge medical loans that they're concerned about, so it's great to see this physician standing up."

Citizens' Council for Health Freedom has launched a website called RealRisks.org and a billboard campaign urging people to make an informed choice and not be bullied into getting COVID shots.