Yesterday's heroes 'betrayed'

Yesterday's heroes 'betrayed'

Yesterday's heroes 'betrayed'

An author for "a battle tank that's battering the entrenched power of left-wing government union bosses who represent a permanent lobby for bigger government" says despite calls for them to do so, not all teachers and public employees in Oregon want to get shots for COVID-19.

Jason Dudash, Oregon director of the Freedom Foundation, says his organization typically fights against government unions, including the ones that represent teachers.

"But these teachers are desperate," he continues. "They feel betrayed, not just by the governor, but by their unions who aren't standing up for them in a circumstance where they certainly should be."

Dudash, Jason (Freedom Foundation Oregon) Dudash

When management brings down overarching policies, the unions are supposed to stand up and fight for employees. But right now, Dudash says, teachers and all public employees, including firefighters, first responders, state employees, and healthcare workers, are reaching out to the Freedom Foundation for help.

"Now you have … thousands of healthcare workers, firefighters, [and] state employees, who just a few weeks ago our governor hailed as heroes for working throughout the entire pandemic and keeping the state moving," Dudash recalls. "Now she is going to those same people and telling them that they will lose everything if they don't do what she says."

The unions have already caved and are doing nothing to protect the workers. Dudash, who notes that he is not an attorney, advises people who feel backed into a corner to not quit their jobs. "Make them fire you," he states.

"They will face a legal challenge not just from us, but there are several other groups that are building challenges right now," he reports. "Any policy where the governor is considering firing tens of thousands of people, potentially, in these already dangerously strained areas is not a serious policy, and it should not even be considered."

If Governor Kate Brown (D) is going to push this, then Dudash things she ought to "come out of her mansion, come see these people, and personally deliver the pink slips herself."