Attorney: Vaccines are killing a lot of people

Attorney: Vaccines are killing a lot of people

Attorney: Vaccines are killing a lot of people

Democrats and Republicans continue to push the COVID shot(s) as a safe and effective way of combating the virus, but some people see sufficient evidence to doubt that line of thinking.

Ohio-based attorney Thomas Renz says tens of thousands of people have died from the shots.

"We submitted to federal court, based on a whistleblower's testimony or declaration, that there were at least 45,000 at the time that we submitted it," reports Renz. "Since then, I've got a number of people who are statistics gurus and analysts and such that have been looking at that, and obviously the number has gone up since then, but they're estimating that even at the time, the number was quite a bit higher. I think it's very safe to say it's well over 100,000."

At a time when so much is being said for and against COVID treatments and the shots, Renz asserts that his advisers are credible.

Renz, Thomas (attorney) Renz

"Before we can submit at the federal court, I'm required to have a good faith belief in the accuracy of what I submit," he explains. "I can't just take someone off the street who says, 'Hey, it's 45,000 dead.' Even if they're willing to testify, I still can't do that. I need to perform some due diligence to see that there's a legitimate reason for me to believe that they're not just making something up."

Renz has filed lawsuits against Dr. Anthony Fauci, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS).

"Specifically related to this, we've got suits related to different states over what the states are doing, and we have suits about the fact that they're lying about the way that they're reporting the numbers," he details. "Another thing that we're doing is we're working very hard to make sure that the American public hears what's going on, because no one wants to report the actual truth."

The attorney adds that no sensible person can deny that COVID is a real thing.

"There is a disease out there that does kill people, but there are too many people dying that don't need to," Renz concludes.