Demand is high, donors in short supply

Demand is high, donors in short supply

Image credit: Photo by Nguyễn Hiệp on Unsplash

Demand is high, donors in short supply

A spokesperson for one of the nation's oldest and largest blood service providers says blood banks could really use some help right now.

Stephanie Kizziar, communications manager for Vitalant, says summer is the "biggest time" when donors stop coming in.

"It's also one of the times of the year that we see the most need for blood," she continues.

All blood types are needed, but type O, she says, is needed most.

"O-negative in particular is the one that emergency personnel are going to reach for if there is an emergency situation and there's no time to determine what blood type you are or what blood type you would need," Kissiar explains.

While COVID is still a concern for many Americans, Kizziar asserts the blood donation process is safe.

"We just recently lifted a few of those last restrictions that we were still holding onto, so now if you are vaccinated, you don't need to wear a mask," she relays. "We ask that if you have not yet been vaccinated, or if you're choosing not to be, that do you wear a mask if you come to donate blood."

Vitalant can help anyone who does not know is or her blood type get that information with a preliminary blood test that also checks iron levels.

"We're asking people to be a part of this life-saving mission, and it's one of the kindest things that you can do for your fellow man," Kizziar concludes.