Unhealthy incentives don't make sense

Unhealthy incentives don't make sense

Unhealthy incentives don't make sense

Many incentives are being offered for people to get shots for COVID-19, and some of them have one doctor scratching her head.

Examples of the incentives offered include a person's name being placed in a lottery or winning free college tuition. People have also been offered everything from free doughnuts to Waffle House breakfasts and beer.

"I don't have a problem with having an incentive such as a million-dollar lottery, which is what Ohio has been doing, or a full-ride scholarship for youths," says Dr. Amy Givler, a family physician in Monroe, Louisiana. "But should we be offering things that are unhealthy, such as doughnuts with sugar and fat?"

As for Waffle House, Dr. Givler – a proponent of COVID-19 vaccines -- says one could eat something healthy at that establishment.

Givler, Dr. Amy Givler

"But beer?" she asks. "So many people have a problem with alcohol, [and] I just think beer is sending the wrong message."

In a related tweet, Fox News contributor and Townhall editor Katie Pavlich said she was "pretty tired of hearing about free beer and donuts" for what Pavlich called the "Wuhan coronavirus vaccination."

Seeing as how many of the people who have been hospitalized for COVID-19 were either obese or overweight, Pavlich said, "Health outside of the vaccine should be promoted, too."

Pavlich said in her tweet that "78% of patients hospitalized were obese," but Dr. Givler takes exception to that, citing a difference between overweight and obese.