Biden's mental acuity: Seeing is believing … unless the media tells you differently

Biden's mental acuity: Seeing is believing … unless the media tells you differently

White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre

Biden's mental acuity: Seeing is believing … unless the media tells you differently

The White House continues to downplay and outright dismiss claims that Joe Biden is mentally unfit for the presidency, despite almost daily video evidence – and the mainstream media is playing right along.

The examples are numerous. Earlier this month during a D-Day observance in France, he tried to sit in a chair that wasn't there; talked about the number of Russians who have died in Ukraine; and was led off the stage by the First Lady as the French president remained to greet D-Day veterans.

In another example, he wandered off during a G7 Summit in Italy, only to be pulled back into the group by the Italian prime minister. NBC News was more than happy to cover for the obviously ailing president in that situation:

NBC News: "The Republican National Committee and conservative media falsely claiming the president was meandering. The Biden campaign is calling it 'a cheap fake.'"

White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre coined that term and has been pushing back against reality – again with the help of the mainstream news media.

Bill D'Agostino of Media Research Center spoke with AFN about the impact of left-leaning media reports.

"I'm now seeing people who watch CNN, MSNBC, etcetera, going around arguing with people on social media saying, 'These videos have been debunked.' They most certainly have not been debunked," he argues. The White House repeatedly claims such videos are edited.

D'Agostino, Bill (MRC) D'Agostino

The MRC spokesman contends the diehard Biden base seems to be ignoring the mounting evidence.

"The reality is that if you're watching CNN or MSNBC still – like routinely, that's where you're getting your news – you're somebody who still believes that Trump colluded with Russia to win the 2016 election, that that election was essentially stolen," he remarks. "At this point you are essentially insulated from what the rest of us are seeing."

D'Agostino isn't alone. Former Democratic Rep. Tulsi Gabbard – now an Independent – sees media collusion in the treatment of what she calls Biden's "deteriorating condition."

"… They're literally all using the same talking point. They warn 'misinformation' [and] 'disinformation' – [but] they are doing it [themselves] right now," she told The Daily Signal last week. "They really think that we are that stupid, to buy their spin on the unfortunate reality of what we're seeing, which is President Biden's deteriorating condition."