Anti-Trumpers stretching journalistic integrity

Anti-Trumpers stretching journalistic integrity

Anti-Trumpers stretching journalistic integrity

A media watchdog says the fact that Politico is talking about legacy media's secret meetings with congressional staffers suggests the January 6th Committee is out of bounds.

Curtis Houck of the Media Research Center (MRC) says at some point during the congressional January 6th show trial, staffers for the "Never-Trump" members of the committee got on a conference call with legal analysts, lawyers, and other pundits who regularly appear on legacy media news shows to feed them talking points and coordinate messaging.

The clandestine meetings have been taking place since 2022.

Houck, Curtis (MRC) Houck

"These legal analysts and anti-Trump pundits made sure they all had their ducks in a row," Houck observes. "They made sure they weren't speaking out of turn, that they coordinated guests so that they would all bring up the same people."

According to Politico, the Zoom calls have continued every Friday as Donald Trump deals with the ongoing politically motivated trials meant to damage his reputation and keep him off the campaign trail.

"The entire objective here is to make sure that people know, or that people are clear, viewers take away the same message -- that Donald Trump is a criminal; Donald Trump is a Russian agent," Houck summarizes.

He says it is part of a Democratic fever dream to see Trump destroyed.

"This just shows the depths of how dedicated they are to the cause of defeating Donald Trump in November and putting him in prison," the MRC spokesman states.

But he says the fact that Politico is reporting this gives the story "more teeth" and suggests that the meetings are stretching journalistic integrity too far, even for the left-leaning publication.