Election deniers earn the 'liar' label when facts get in the way

Election deniers earn the 'liar' label when facts get in the way

Election deniers earn the 'liar' label when facts get in the way

A conservative columnist is blasting CNN for continuing to label as a liar anyone who expresses the belief that the 2020 election was stolen from Donald Trump.

In her new capacity as co-chair of the Republican National Committee, Lara Trump recently released a robocall with the message that Democrats were guilty of "massive fraud" in the 2020 presidential election:

"… We cannot allow the chaos and questions of the 2020 election to ever happen again," the message said. "We all know the problems: no photo IDs, unsecured ballot drop boxes, mass mailing of ballots, and voter rolls chock full of deceased people and non-citizens are just a few examples of the massive fraud that took place …. If Democrats have their way, your vote could be canceled out by someone who isn't even an American citizen."

CNN immediately claimed the allegations put forth in that robocall were false, detailing what it called Lara Trump's "long history of echoing [her father-in-law's] election fraud claims."

"It's the latest example of how the RNC under the former president's daughter-in-law is perpetuating lies about the 2020 election, even as prominent Republicans say the party needs to look forward to win in 2024," said CNN.

Robert Knight is a conservative activist and a columnist for The Washington Times.

Robert Knight Knight

"CNN doesn't even mask its bias. It just calls Mr. Trump's view 'lies' and then castigates anybody who repeats them," Knight tells AFN. "And of course, these are not lies. These are documented instances – and I've documented many of them in my book 'Crooked' of what really happened in 2020 and how we can stop vote fraud."

Knight argues that Lara Trump simply related what really occurred.

"There's no question in many people's minds that the election was rigged, if not outright stolen," the columnist explains. "And all the Left can do – and by the Left, I include the media and especially CNN – is to pretend it didn't all happen and to call anybody who points it out a liar."