After panicking journalist asks why industry is dying, Fox News host holds up a mirror

After panicking journalist asks why industry is dying, Fox News host holds up a mirror

After panicking journalist asks why industry is dying, Fox News host holds up a mirror

Taylor Lorenz, a journalist famous for oddball comments, crocodile tears, and bullying behavior, became a punch line – again – after she lamented journalism is on life support after a string of newsroom cuts.

Lorenz, who is currently a Washington Post columnist, took the news of layoffs at the L.A. Times so hard she warned the entire industry, in particular digital media, is in danger.  

“I don't think people understand how bad the world would be without journalists,” Lorenz, speaking and sounding like a valley girl, warns in a TikTok video.

“Aw, she’s right,” Fox News host Greg Gutfeld said after airing her TikTok video. “Without journalists, who would arrest criminals, or put out fires, or build our roads, or take care of the sick, or deliver our mail, or pick up our trash, or keep our water and electricity running, or defend our country? So, yeah, thank God for journalists.”

Lorenz was, in fact, right about the journalism industry experiencing massive shake-ups, such as layoffs at Time Magazine and at Sports Illustrated.

At the L.A. Times, AFN reported the liberal newsroom was surprised with a 20% reduction in staff, a total of 115 people, after its new owner reported losing as much as $40 million a year on his poor investment.

As far as Lorenz, she might be most infamous for outing the person behind Libs of TikTok, Chaya Raichik, who had remained anonymous until that 2022 story was published in The Washington Post. That unmasking tactic, known as doxxing, not only named Raichik as the person behind the account but linked to documents that listed her home address.

At the time, Libs of TikTok was growing its Twitter audience simply by re-posting videos of liberals (pictured above) that they had already shared on social media.

Just two weeks before the Post published that story, Lorenz cried – or pretended to cry – in an MSNBC interview (pictured below) when she described online harassment that had given her PTSD and suicidal thoughts.

“You feel like any little piece of information that gets out on you will be used by the worst people on the Internet to destroy your life,” said Lorenz, who had amazingly knocked on the door of Raichik’s relatives for her story on her. 

“Which of my relatives did you enjoy harassing the most at their homes yesterday?” Raichik asked in a Twitter post that showed Lorenz at the front door.

In 2018, before she used The Washington Post to investigate Libs, Lorenz published a Daily Beast story about Instagram stars the Oshry sisters. The three sisters are the children of Pamela Gellar, a vocal critic of Islam, the story pointed out. After that story, a talent agency dropped them and their show was cancelled. 

Back on his Fox News show, Gutfeld questioned why the public should trust mainstream journalists who ran with the "Russia collusion" lie, ignored Hunter Biden's laptop, and are now protecting an ailing president running for re-election. 

Gutfeld then summarized the views of many in a final comedic slap.

“Look, crazy lady,” he concluded, “everyone understands how bad the world would be without journalists because we haven't had any for decades.”