Cole: Two 'dads' shows twisted indoctrination that poisons kids

Cole: Two 'dads' shows twisted indoctrination that poisons kids

Cole: Two 'dads' shows twisted indoctrination that poisons kids

The popular children’s cartoon CoComelon Lane is the latest children’s program to hoist the rainbow flag in front of its young and innocent audience, this time combining homosexual marriage and a gender-confused child in one episode.

Days before Christmas, Daily Wire host Matt Walsh was among the first to notice a clip circulating on social media in which two “fathers” praise their son who dances for them in a dress and a tiara.

“Whatever the message is, the child watching the show will be perfectly susceptible to it,” Walsh warned his audience. “Netflix has your child where they want him. Sitting there, eyes glued to the screen, passively absorbing whatever images, sounds, and ideas emerge from it.”

CoComelon Lane is a spin-off of Cocomelon, the children’s sing-along program. The show with toddler J.J. and his normal family racked up millions of views and subscribers on YouTube thanks to family-friendly traditional nursery rhymes and newer songs, too.

The newer venture CoComelon Lane is owned by Netflix which introduced the warped “two dads” episode in episode eight of the first season.

Cole, Monica Cole

Monica Cole, who leads One Million Moms, tells AFN the cartoon is “extremely destructive” to young children who can’t, in reality, change their gender.

“DNA is already proven,” she says, referring to male and female chromosomes. “It's already decided and determined by our Creator."

Cole and One Million Moms have been flagging boundary-pushing children’s programs going back years, and her group has been mocked by the Left for doing so. Undeterred by the criticism, she says there is a clear pattern of more and more inappropriate content which most parents object to but whose wishes go ignored.