And that's why Biden gets away with stumbles and mumbles

And that's why Biden gets away with stumbles and mumbles

And that's why Biden gets away with stumbles and mumbles

A media watchdog explains why he fully expects the mainstream news outlets to do an about-face in its political coverage if the next President of the United States is a Republican.

Just 3.4% of American journalists are Republicans, according to a study out of the Newhouse School of Public Communications at Syracuse University. That finding, according to StateoftheUnion.org, suggests a "growing elitism" within journalism, "with implications for the industry's political affiliations and its relationship with the public."

Bill D'Agostino of Media Research Center says that's why an aging and mentally struggling Joe Biden comes even close to a 40% approval rating.

"We've currently got a media complex that is completely running cover for a 'Weekend at Bernie's'-style presidency that is an absolute dream for all the people that are actually controlling the guy – that, of course, being Biden," he tells AFN.

D'Agostino suggests that should a Republican win the White House in 2024, the media will quickly switch to the role of antagonist.

D'Agostino, Bill (MRC) D'Agostino

"When there's a Republican administration in power, especially one that is actually getting things done, suddenly the media [and the entertainment media] make it their job … to inform everybody of who all of these people are and why, exactly, they're bad and why you shouldn't like them."

The MRC spokesman says working in that big of a bubble makes it almost impossible for the other 96% of journalists to see their bias. "And [those people] are so dug in on one side that they're incapable of really accepting that the other side of whatever point they're arguing has any validity to it at all," he observes.

D'Agostino says his job is to watch and analyze the mainstream media, so the 3.4% number doesn't surprise him at all. Is "The only part that sounds like it might be a surprise that it's three whole percent. I mean, I don't know where those guys are hiding," he adds.