MRC: More proof mainstream media, Marxism marching hand in hand

MRC: More proof mainstream media, Marxism marching hand in hand

MRC: More proof mainstream media, Marxism marching hand in hand

An elderly Jewish supporter of Israel was killed recently following an altercation with a pro-Hamas activist in California. The police are calling it a homicide – but the mainstream media isn't likely to report it as such.

Sixty-nine-year-old Paul Kessler was counter-protesting at a pro-Hamas rally last Sunday. He was holding an Israeli flag, and witnesses say he got into an altercation with a protester from the other side. At some point, the attacker allegedly struck Kessler in the face with a bullhorn, bloodying his face and causing him to fall backwards on the sidewalk where he struck his head. He died on Monday.

Ventura County police are calling it a homicide and looking for a suspect. This is how CBS News framed the story:

CBS News: "Well, back here at home, protests and demonstrations on both sides of the conflict are taking place almost daily in cities across the country. Tonight, an investigation is underway after the death of a 69-year-old Jewish man who was fatally injured at a rally near Los Angeles."

Some outlets didn't even say that much. According to Bill D'Agostino of Media Research Center, the original headline on the MSNBC website read: "Man dies after hitting head during Israel and Palestinian rallies in California, officials say."

D'Agostino, Bill (MRC) D'Agostino

"There was a similar one on CNN," he tells AFN. "The New York Times has been kind of gun-shy about describing the whole incident as well with their headline."

At some point, MSNBC stealth-edited its headline to read: "Jewish man killed in altercation at dueling pro-Israel and pro-Palestinian rallies in California." It never ran an editor's note explaining the revision.

D'Agostino argues the mainstream media has embraced the woke concept that someone is either an "oppressor" or a "victim." Under that concept, a victim can never be blamed … and an oppressor can never be absolved – apparently, even after a murder.

"… Marxism has invaded the thinking and the interpretation of all events for a massive portion of the American media," the MRC spokesman concludes.