This 'bothsidesism' is something to see

This 'bothsidesism' is something to see

This 'bothsidesism' is something to see

As the mainstream media gives Palestine's supporters a platform to plead their case, a media watchdog says they're having to stretch the truth to bring a false sense of balance to the situation.

After witnessing the massacre of concert goers, the parading of raped and brutalized women, and the barbaric killing or kidnapping of babies and children, even the most hardened observers have expressed horror and outrage at what many call war crimes by Hamas terrorists.

But when CNN gave time to Mustafa Barghouti, a Palestinian physician, activist, and politician who serves as general secretary of the Palestinian National Initiative, the network did not seem to care about misinformation.

"I think Hamas mainly attacked military establishments, military installations," Barghouti falsely stated. "Most of the people they have arrested and taken as war prisoners are military people."

MSBNC did not blatantly lie, but it did give a listening ear to the Palestinian cause.

"I really want to caution your viewers not to be dragged into the good guy versus bad guy equation," Ali Velshi recently allowed a Palestinian pundit to propagandize. "Lots of Palestinians have said to me … they wish that those same Israelis who were out there protesting the so-called judicial reforms would be protesting Israel's inhumane treatment of the Palestinians who live under Israeli occupation."

Curtis Houck of Media Research Center (MRC) says it is another display of the mainstream media's embarrassing double standard.

Houck, Curtis (MRC) Houck

"It's something to see the liberal media rediscover bothsidesism," he comments. "They gotta give equal attention, equal morality -- after … six-plus years of the liberal media bashing Donald Trump and his supporters."

In addition to showing their liberal bias, he says the mainstream outlets are revealing their true colors.

"At the end of the day, it's weakness from the media, a level of cowardice that they just don't want to explain what's really going on here and what Hamas really wants here and what the Palestinians really want."

As one Jewish student at the University of Washington has pointed out, "They want our people dead. They want us killed."