WaPo horrified as social media loosens the Left's grip on narrative

WaPo horrified as social media loosens the Left's grip on narrative

WaPo horrified as social media loosens the Left's grip on narrative

As the newspaper whose motto is "Democracy Dies in Darkness" laments the fact that Big Social is dialing back the censorship, a media watchdog considers the implications.

Suggesting that lawsuits, layoffs, and Elon Musk are to blame, The Washington Post writes that "social media companies are receding from their role as watchdogs against political misinformation, abandoning their most aggressive efforts to police online falsehoods" -- and right before an election.

"Experts in disinformation say the dynamic headed into 2024 calls for more aggressive efforts to combat it, not less," the piece states.


In response, Curtis Houck of the Media Research Center (MRC) says the Post is throwing a temper tantrum.

"What we have here is another kid in the grocery store-style meltdown on the part of the liberal media," he asserts.

Houck, Curtis (MRC) Houck

Big Social, at the insistence of the White House, has regularly purged all manner of counter-narrative posts -- from questions about the 2020 elections, to claims about off-label COVID meds, to concerns about shots and vaccines.

Now, Houck says The Washington Post is most worried that Republicans, perhaps even Donald Trump, will effectively challenge liberal narratives heading into the upcoming presidential election.

"They're suggesting that this is somehow an affront to humanity," the news analyst relays.

Meanwhile, there is also the rumored imminent return of COVID mandates and closures. But this round comes after the White House-Big Social collusion has been exposed.

"Despite what Jen Psaki may have told Peter Doocy and others in the White House press briefing room during COVID, yes, they did talk to each other," Houck asserts.

"They have lost control of the narrative that every tweet or post that they don't like is no longer just going to be labeled immediately with the claim of 'pants on fire; this is false,'" he continues.

According to Houck, conservative outlets like Newsmax and voices like Ben Shapiro and Joe Rogan now have America's attention.