Criticism of 'Freedom' flick reflects struggle with truth

Criticism of 'Freedom' flick reflects struggle with truth

Criticism of 'Freedom' flick reflects struggle with truth

Mainstream media outlets continue to throw shade at the surprise big-screen blockbuster about the child sex trade.

There's no doubt "Sound of Freedom" is a gripping story and sometimes hard to watch. After all, as pointed out during the movie narrative, child sex-trafficking is "the fastest growing international crime network that the world has ever seen." But at the same time, it's a true story of redemption and voluntary sacrifice: "So, you quit your job and you go and rescue those kids," the lead character hears from his wife.

But some in the mainstream media are lambasting the film as a lie, delusional, exaggerated, and more. One of the common charges is that it pushes Q-Anon conspiracy theories that have been linked to some of the more-zealous fans of former President Donald Trump.

Talk host Richard Randall contends the accusations are a continuation of the Left's deranged anger toward Donald Trump and the evangelicals who supported him in his two runs for the presidency.

"There is no doubt in my mind that a portion of the disparaging of this movie has to do with President Trump and … with Christianity – or the fact that the main actor is, in fact, a Catholic who's been outspoken about his faith," Randall tells AFN.

Tim Ballard, the real-life hero whose rescue effort the movie is based upon, told Jesse Waters on Fox News that the whole problem of human trafficking shines an unforgiving light on the Biden administration's border policy.

"They don't want to have a discussion that this film is going to compel," he argued. "[And that's] a discussion about why 85,000 children showed up unaccompanied at the border and got released into the interior of a country that is the highest consuming country for child exploitation material on the planet."

Ballard is founder of Operation Underground Railroad. He reportedly stepped down from that position just prior to the movie's release.

"Sound of Freedom" continues its successful box-office run. Entering its second week at just more than 2,800 theaters, the film topped the $53 million mark on Wednesday – more than triple its $14.5 million budget.

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