That time a tree fell on the liberal media but nobody heard a sound

That time a tree fell on the liberal media but nobody heard a sound

Republican Rep. James Comer, chairman of the House Oversight Committee, passes by a placard describing payments from China to Joe Biden's family. Most of the national media ignored that evidence, and the press conference itself, this week. 

That time a tree fell on the liberal media but nobody heard a sound

The public learned this week about bombshell accusations involving Joe Biden and his family, in particular bank records that show millions of dollars dropped into their bank accounts from overseas that first passed through fake companies. Much of the public didn’t know about that allegation if they are depending on the shameless American news media.

Much like a tree falling in the woods that nobody heard, the liberal cable news outlets and liberal network news networks ignored the Wednesday morning press conference in which Republicans on the House Oversight Committee described what they found in bank records they say went ignored by Democrats when they led the same committee until this year. 

“The bank records show the Biden family, their associates, and their companies received over $10 million from foreign nationals and their companies,” Rep. James Comer, who chairs the Oversight Committee, said. “The Bidens have received millions of dollars from China. It is inconceivable that the President did not know it.”

During the press conference, which lasted more than 40 minutes, only Fox News carried it live. MSNBC and CNN ignored it completely and never – not once – dipped in during their live broadcasts to tell viewers about the allegations, according to a story by the Media Research Center. Nicholas Fondacaro, who was monitoring the media’s dishonest disinterest for MRC, says the network news anchors at ABC, CBS, and NBC did not cover the story at all in their evening broadcasts.  

"CNN did touch on it occasionally. They would dip into it every couple of hours and do sort of a brush up on it,” he tells AFN. “But for the most part, we are seeing just no broadcast network coverage at all.”

In the print media, American Family News published a story written by reporter Parrish Alford while AFN awaited a wire service story from The Associated Press. When that AP story published, it was pitifully biased. Not only did it fail to name the nine Biden family members who pocketed suspicious funds, it said the allegations were being made “without evidence” even though Republican lawmakers stood beside detailed placards (pictured at left) that gave specific names and dates. The photos of the placards, and the evidence they show, were taken by an AP photographer.

The same 1,100 word AP story also failed to include a direct quote from any of the Republicans who spoke, even Chairman Comer. An indirect quote from him in the story failed to tell the reader he was speaking at a news conference called by the House Oversight Committee.

In the same press conference, Rep. Byron Donalds (R-FL) pleaded with the national media to pay attention to the allegations right in front of them: Millions of dollars from foreign companies passing through fake companies to members of a politician who was vice president of the United States at the time. 

"Guys, you in the press, this is easy pickings," Donalds said. "I'm giving you Pulitzer [Prize] stuff here." 

At the same time that the national media yawned at the allegation the Biden family pocketed millions of dollars from Joe Biden’s influence as Vice President, Fondacaro and MRC witnessed the news media fall over itself Wednesday when the Department of Justice announced Rep. George Santos (R-NY) was being arrested and charged with numerous felonies.

The news media went nuts over that news: The network news channels started their evening broadcasts with news of his arrest, and the cable news outlets ignored the press conference but reported on Santos.

"So, basically, they gave 11 minutes to a first-term back bencher,” Fondacaro points out, “not a press conference that seems to have evidence of some impropriety by the then-Vice President-turned-current-President and his family."

Among conservatives who watched all of this transpire on the same day, it has been pointed out the timing of the Santos arrest on the same morning of the GOP press conference is suspicious if not outright obvious.

Fondacaro, Nicholas (MRC) Fondacaro

"They’re deliberately charging Santos in the middle of the House GOP conference detailing the Biden family’s corruption," Sean Davis, a senior editor at The Federalist, tweeted, "to make clear to you that they are in charge and that they will arrest (or run interference) for anyone they want, and there’s nothing you can do about it."

In their own social media posts, however, Democrats resorted to "whataboutism" for Donald Trump's adult children allegedly profiting during his term. They also demanded proof that Joe Biden personally benefitted when his family members received millions of dollars from a Romanian real estate tycoon and a Chinese businessman. 

After he first wrote a long Twitter thread describing the press conference and the allegations, legal analyst Jonathan Turley joked in a tweet that the "spin" after that press conference is enough to "alter the Earth's axis."