One theory over Tucker's departure: Boardroom fight at Fox over Epps

One theory over Tucker's departure: Boardroom fight at Fox over Epps

One theory over Tucker's departure: Boardroom fight at Fox over Epps

There are plenty of theories and accusations on why Fox News suddenly dropped its biggest audience-drawing host, and a former Fox News guest is connecting the dots from Tucker Carlson’s ouster to suspected FBI informant Ray Epps.

When the topic of Carlson’s exit came up on the American Family Radio show “Today’s Issues,” former Fox contributor Sandy Rios said Tucker was likely fighting with his bosses over Ray Epps.

Other than the famous “Shaman” Jacob Chansley, Epps is perhaps the most famous January 6 protester because he has somehow escaped arrest by the FBI, which raised suspicions he was on its payroll. And then the controversial Trump supporter was featured in a weekend segment on CBS News where Epps denied those allegations.

“[Carlson] was going to be talking about the Ray Epps story that was on CBS on Sunday. He was going to refute it,” Rios told the radio program. “And they demanded – they told him, they just prohibited him from doing it – and he said he was not going to comply.”

In the “60 Minutes” program, Epps (pictured at right) accused Carlson of being “obsessed” with him and attempting to “destroy” his life after Epps has been featured in numerous news segments over the past three years.

Last month, an attorney for Epps sent a legal demand to Fox News demanding Carlson retract “false and defamatory” remarks but Carlson has never apologized on-air, according to a CNN story that predictably celebrated Carlson’s departure.

In a two-minute video posted Wednesday night to Twitter, Carlson addressed his departure. In a positively-sounding message, he predicted truth will always “prevail” despite attempts to silence it. 

Rios, Sandy Rios

“When honest people say what’s true, calmly and without embarrassment, they become powerful,” he commented. “At the time, the liars, who have tried to silence them, shrink and they become weaker.”

Back on the “Today’s Issues” program, Rios called Tucker a modern-day Rush Limbaugh and predicted he is not gone for good.

Rios currently hosts an AFR podcast "Sandy Rios 24/7" after retiring from an early-morning weekday show on the radio network.