History-distorting Disney called 'trash' for preachy 'Proud'

History-distorting Disney called 'trash' for preachy 'Proud'

History-distorting Disney called 'trash' for preachy 'Proud'

The bad news is Disney is putting its financial support behind an animated TV shows that went all-in on white guilt and revisionist history, but a black conservative activist says the good news is Disney is being punished for its over-the-top wokeness.

“The Proud Family: Louder and Prouder” is Disney’s reboot of a coming-of-age series about 14-year-old Penny Proud and her extended family.

“Proud” proudly won an Emmy last year for Outstanding Casting, and Season 2 of the series debuted February 1 on Disney+, but the show is making unflattering headlines for its season finale entitled “Juneteenth.” The plot for that episode centered around plans to honor the town’s slave-owning founder with a statue, and from there the characters denounce Abraham Lincoln and the United States, and praise Robin DiAngelo’s book “White Fragility.”

Such over-the-top moralizing is called “on the nose” in film and TV scripts because the characters are unnaturally preaching to the audience.     

Horace Cooper, who is co-chairman of group Project 21, says the Disney cartoon is guilty of “flat-out lying” about our country and its history.

“The segment lies about Abraham Lincoln,” he complains. “The segment implies that the one war that Americans have been involved in, where we have lost more lives than any other one, actually was only a biproduct of ending slavery.”

Cooper, Horace (Project 21) Cooper

David Kent, a historian and Lincoln biographer, told Fox News the show’s dialogue trashing Lincoln is a mix of “misrepresentation, non sequitur, and falsehoods.”

Cooper has another description to add. For a cartoon to do that, he says, it deserves to be called “trash.”

The “good news” is people are refusing to pay to listen to such “nonsense,” he says, which is evident when 7,000 employees have learned they are victims of a massive layoff by their employer.

“The bad news,” Cooper tells AFN, “is it's shameful for such a long and old, recognized iconic corporation to have been taken over by these wokesters, and they are destroying it."