Top movie doesn't equal top trend

Top movie doesn't equal top trend

Top movie doesn't equal top trend

Though a patriotic, pro-military film has been nominated for an Oscar, one film critic says it might be some time before those qualities become trends in Hollywood.

In last year's blockbuster, Tom Cruise reprised his role as Pete Mitchell, or "Maverick," who leads a team of American fighter pilots in taking out a bad guy's nuclear weapons.

Though "Top Gun: Maverick" has been nominated for an Oscar for best picture, Dr. Ted Baehr of Movieguide, "the family guide to movies and entertainment," does not think Tinseltown has suddenly found the stars and stripes.

"I think they're desperate," he tells AFN.

He says the Academy is simply trying to get blockbusters some respect because it puts more eyes on screens and more dollars in their pockets.

But even if Hollywood decided to jump on the patriotic bandwagon in hopes of more hits, Dr. Baehr points out that it would take years to get those motion pictures to theaters.

Baehr, Dr. Ted (Movieguide) (1) Baehr

"The average movie in Hollywood takes 13 years, according to the LA Times. If you think about that, how long did it take for 'Avatar II' to come out, or how long did it take for 'Top Gun II' to come out? They're not doing movies based on this year," the critic explains. "They're doing movies based on 10 years from now."

"Top Gun: Maverick" was released 36 years after the original "Top Gun" movie.