Soros-linked radio station purchase called clever but wasteful

Soros-linked radio station purchase called clever but wasteful

Soros-linked radio station purchase called clever but wasteful

George Soros has gotten into the radio business in an effort to influence Hispanics and Latinos in South Florida but a Hispanic pastor insists the menacing billionaire – famous for using his money to fundamentally change America – has made a foolish investment in The Sunshine State.

South Florida is famously home to “Radio Mambi,” a talk-format radio station in Miami that has been a dependable source for the Cuban exile community. Now that the FCC approved the sale last week, the newly-formed Latino Media Network is set to scoop up Radio Mambi from owner Univision in a $60 million deal that is buying 18 stations across the country.

The investors in Latino Media Network include actress Eva Longoria and prominent political strategists but the financing is coming from Lakestar Finance, LLC, which is affiliated with the Hungarian-born communist Soros.

After the pending sale was announced, everyone from radio hosts to Republican lawmakers have predicted the radio network that is despised by the Left will undergo a Marxist transformation, because anything associated with Soros is never good for constitutional republic and its free people.  

Radio show host Lourdes Ubieta, who quit in July, complained to Fox News about the nakedly political purchase. 

"America is a free country," she said. "Even an avowed global socialist, with a clear radical political agenda, can buy our media outlets to silence their opposition." 

Rev. Sam Rodriguez, who leads the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference, tells AFN the goal is obviously to “pivot” Radio Mambi to a more liberal, progressive worldview.

But, he says, it won’t work.

From a business standpoint, Rodriguez explains, older Hispanics with family ties to communist-run Cuba won’t be convinced by a radio host to reject capitalism and freedom. South Florida’s younger audience, he says, isn’t listening to a radio station anyway.

“It's an exercise in futility,” the minister insists.

Rodriguez, Samuel (NHCLC) Rodriguez

If the ambitious stake holders in Latino Media Network are hoping to win minds and hearts in the Miami-Dade area, they have a lot of work to do. That’s because Democrat leaders in the community witnessed their Hispanic voters help re-elect Gov. Ron DeSantis, the Republican incumbent, whom Democrats expect to run for president in 2024.

According to an Associated Press story, Democrats have long considered GOP gains there “unthinkable,” but DeSantis and Sen. Marco Rubio trounced Democrat opponents by double digits in the county on Election Day.

According to Rodriguez, Hispanic voters are running to the right, and will keep doing so, because of the Democratic Party. But the straight-talking pastor has some political advice for the Republican Party, too: Hispanics do not object when GOP leaders denounce illegal immigration, he says, but those hard-working Hispanics need to hear the GOP leaders state America is a country built by legal immigrants, too.