Will 'white supremacist Putin stooge' Donald Trump win CNN lawsuit?

Will 'white supremacist Putin stooge' Donald Trump win CNN lawsuit?

Will  'white supremacist Putin stooge' Donald Trump win CNN lawsuit?

Donald Trump is suing CNN for defamation, accusing the news network that famously hated his guts of crossing a line, and the examples he cites show just how much the network pushed the boundaries of First Amendment-protected free speech.

AFN reported Monday the former president has filed a $475 million lawsuit in a federal court in Florida, alleging the phrase “The Big Lie” was stated more than 7,700 times since January 2021.

According to the lawsuit, CNN called him “Hitler” or “Nazi” more than 600 times since he ran for the White House in 2016.

Talk show host Jeff Dornik of Freedom First Network says Trump has a legitimate legal argument that he was slandered.

“They definitely flat-out lied about him,” Dornik tells AFN. “They definitely defamed him. They definitely slandered him.”

The lawsuit also cites phrases such as "cult leader," "a Russian lackey," "a dog whistler to white supremacists," and "a racist.”

The lawsuit is being mocked by the left-wing media – The New York Times called it Trump’s “flimsiest” lawsuit to date – but many of those same left-wing newsrooms are just as guilty. They have uttered those same phrases because the conservative-hating reporters and editors view Trump and his MAGA supporters as literal racists, fascists, and Neo-Nazis. 

Two years ago, CNN announced it had reached a settlement with Nick Sandmann, the Catholic high school student. That lawsuit, which sued CNN for $275 million, accused the news network of “falsely attacking, vilifying, and bullying him.”

Sandmann, whose class was attending the March for Life, triggered CNN anchors because the teenager was wearing a “Make American Great Again” cap.

Sandmann’s lawsuit from three years ago also stated CNN has a “well-known and easily documented” bias against Trump.

“I cannot see any way in which you can spin this,” Dornik insists, “to which you could say that CNN, or anybody in the mainstream media for that matter, didn't know exactly what they were doing.”