Left-wing media predicts Wild West, and worse, after court ruling

Left-wing media predicts Wild West, and worse, after court ruling

Left-wing media predicts Wild West, and worse, after court ruling

Attempting to document every left-wing meltdown over recent Supreme Court decisions is like trying to lasso a tornado but a media watchdog has the receipts after a Second Amendment ruling defended the use of firearms outside the home.

According to Newsbusters, an arm of the Media Research Center, national media outlets responded with panicking predictions of mass carnage and crazed street fight after the high court ruled the Second Amendment allows American citizens to protect themselves outside their home with a concealed carry permit.

The court’s 6-3 ruling, which favored a New York gun club’s lawsuit, struck down a stringent state law that demands the public prove a specific need to be entitled to a state permit. The six justices ruled New Yorkers, are entitled to a permit process free of bureaucratic barriers because they are American citizens protected by the Second Amendment.

And the media freak-out, documented by Newsbusters, was something to behold.

“The question is,” warned ABC News correspondent Pierre Thomas, “will this make it much more easy for people to have weapons in public? Concealed weapons? And will that lead to more shootings and more accidents and different kinds of things?”

“There’s a phrase in the Supreme Court’s decision that just made my blood run cold,” said MSNBC host Jonathan Capehart. “And that was, someone should be able to carry a concealed weapon for, quote, ‘ordinary self-defense.’”

“The Supreme Court has decided that the Founders, who believed some people should live in slavery,” opined MSNBC host Lawrence O’Donnell, “also believed we should all live in terror.”

"This is what liberal elites do," says Tim Graham, executive editor of Newsbusters. "They will say that guns are terrible."

Many of those same people who warned viewers of Wild West-like shootouts go into public with a well-armed security detail, Graham points out. At the very least, he says, they work inside newsrooms and corporate offices that are heavily guarded by people with guns.

"But they love to say outrageous things about how somehow, if you allow someone to carry a concealed weapon, they are a terrorist or somehow this decision is racist,” says Graham.

The wildest and most frustrating example might have come from Joy Reid, the MSNBC host. She said liberals are not allowed to “feel physically safe anywhere in America” because of Republicans and the “blood-soaked” National Rifle Association.

“Whether you’re in high school, or you’re ten and in the fourth grade, in America, and only in America, you are literally rolling the dice every time you leave your house or drop off your kids at school,” she told her audience. “And you just have to pray that today is not your day, or their day, to meet that angry alienated American man with an AR-15.”

Reid should be familiar with such people, since it was a crazed left-wing man who opened fire on congressional Republicans were practicing on a Virginia softball field. Just hours after the shooting, Reid told her audience the shooting created a good opportunity to analyze the “troubling” views of one of the gunshot victims, Rep. Steve Scalise.

The left-wing political views of the gunman, or the SKS rifle he used in his mass assassination attempt, somehow didn’t get mentioned by the show host.

According to Graham, if the national media was really honest, the real warning is that nobody is safe in America "because the liberals lost."