It's TikTok with the block! (3 dozen and counting)

It's TikTok with the block! (3 dozen and counting)

It's TikTok with the block! (3 dozen and counting)

It's not uncommon for a center-right operation to be censored on social media, but one organization has been censored 36 times … this year … on TikTok alone.

The latest incident involves a video MRCTV posted last week from the "Bans Off Our Bodies" pro-abortion rally in Washington, DC.

"The video was an interview that I conducted where pro-abortion activists were explaining their signs and why they came to a rally," explains Tierin-Rose Mandelburg. "Now, this is a video that we've put on many different platforms, but TikTok in particular decided that the video was not suitable for their platform."

On the video, Mandelburg offered her own comments: "Abortion is murder. The narrative that they're pushing is that anything inconvenient that you don't want, you can just kill."

Mandelburg, Tierin-Rose (Newsbusters) Mandelburg

TikTok took the video down completely. "They just literally erased it from our account as if it was never posted," Mandelburg describes. "And it had reached over 50,000 views in just a couple days of being up there – but they still removed it."

Just prior to that happening, MRCTV released a podcast on the number of times it had been censored on TikTok.

"The next day, this abortion clip was removed and our account was actually permanently banned," says Mandelburg. "TikTok said that we violated their community guidelines and that we could no longer access our account. So, they stripped not only that video but they also banned our account."

MRCTV appealed both actions and was told the abortion video will never go back on the platform.

"As far as the account itself goes, our appeal was accepted," says Mandelburg, "so we were able to gain access to our account. Right now, it's just in a view-only mode [meaning] we can look at our account and we can see comments and likes, but we can't interact with anybody and we can't post until next week on TikTok."