Christianity – fuel for the Left's hatred

Christianity – fuel for the Left's hatred

Christianity – fuel for the Left's hatred

What does the Left's hatred of life, marriage, free speech, the Constitution, and American history all have in common? According to Fox News host Tucker Carlson, it all springs from the Left's hatred of Christianity.

The already-unhinged Left exploded when Justice Samuel Alito's draft opinion potentially striking down Roe v. Wade was leaked to the press. Carlson says they think they're screaming at Republican lawmakers and conservative justices when they react that way – but in his opinion, they're really screaming at God.

"Modern liberals hate Christianity – not because it's repressive, but because they are," the Fox host said. "Any religion that puts God before government is by definition a threat to their power."

Carlson points out the blessing that Christianity has been to the world.

"The Western understanding of human rights, our understanding of human rights – all of us, atheists included – is based on Christianity," he stated. "That's where it comes from. Christianity is the reason we don't have slavery and segregation and children working in factories. Christians did that."

But the prophet Isaiah wrote about the godless nearly three millennia ago when he warned: "Beware, those who call evil good and good evil."

Carlson's monologue included these closing statements:

  • "The Christian message is the opposite of the equity agenda."
  • "Christianity describes a universal brotherhood of man, every person created in God's image and therefore, for that reason, morally equal."
  • "Undermining Christianity is the central project of the Left because it stands in their way."

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