PTC remembers Naomi Judd – 'Advocate for positive entertainment'

PTC remembers Naomi Judd – 'Advocate for positive entertainment'

PTC remembers Naomi Judd – 'Advocate for positive entertainment'

The head of a media watchdog group is mourning the loss of country music great Naomi Judd, who was involved in its mission to promote and support family-friendly entertainment.

Naomi Judd passed away over the weekend at the age of 76 at her own hand, the victim of her own struggles with depression and mental illness. Tim Winter, who leads Parents Television and Media Council, took the news hard because Judd spent more than 20 years on the PTC advisory board.

"The world knows Naomi as an entertainer," he tells AFN. "We know Naomi as an advocate and defender of family-friendly entertainment."

PTC acknowledged Judd's "unrelenting commitment" to positive entertainment not only in her career's work, but also through video and audio segments she produced on PTC's behalf. "For all the goodness that Naomi bestowed, we offer a prayer of thanksgiving," a press release states.

According to Winter, the very first time he met Naomi – before he had even introduced himself – she was expressing her concerns about a raunchy television show PTC was targeting for its content.

Tim Winter (PTC) Winter

"I'll never forget the first time I met her. Before I had even said It's so nice to meet you, she said I want you to tell me more about this show on the FX TV Network called 'Nip/Tuck' and what that's doing, how that sexual violence is hurting America."

The late singer's surviving daughters, Ashley and Winona, hinted at the issue of suicide in a public announcement by stating a belief their mother passed away as the victim of mental illness.

Regarding that sensitive topic, Winter says Naomi Judd should be remembered for working with PTC to expose the evil and dark nature of Hollywood, where suicide is glamorized for innocent children.