Democracy-defending Leftists melt down over Musk, free speech

Democracy-defending Leftists melt down over Musk, free speech

Democracy-defending Leftists melt down over Musk, free speech

The news that billionaire Elon Musk is purchasing Twitter has plunged the Left into a swirling sea of depression and dismay, and that collective meltdown is revealing the totalitarian views of those who claim they are defending democracy from Nazis and protecting truth and facts from conspiracy theorists.

Musk announced a deal Monday afternoon, paying $44 billion that will give investors an immediate 38% gain over the stock price before he becomes involved in the company. That huge news came after Musk played a cat-and-mouse game for weeks with Twitter’s board of directors, when he became a majority stock holder and was offered a seat on the board only to turn it down and rip the social media site. 

According to the Left’s view, Musk is a James Bond-like super-villain who is determined to destroy democracy with less censorship of right-wing viewpoints, ridding the site of fake accounts, and by introducing an edit button.  

“This deal is dangerous for our democracy,” Sen. Elizabeth Warren, reacting to the news, ominously warned in a Twitter post that complained about Musk’s status as an exclusive billionaire.

Steven Ertelt, however, has a different view of the new Twitter owner. According to Ertelt, editor of the news website LifeNews.com, Twitter has a “real opportunity” to return to its former role as an online forum that allowed free speech regardless of political views.

Ertelt and LifeNews have experienced Twitter's censorship first hand, when the pro-life website attempted to post the photo of an unborn baby killed by an abortion. LifeNews followed the guidelines for posting sensitive information but was threatened with a permanent ban.

Ertelt sees an opportunity now for that information to be shared without punishment. 

“The guy is not even a conservative,” Ertelt says of Musk, “and the fact that liberals are freaking out really says all you need to know."

Dan Gainor of Media Research Center tells AFN that most of the public doesn’t use Twitter so most don’t know the it is a barometer of the news topics and trending issues of the day. That is why, he says, there are screams of panic from Twitter’s corporate headquarters in San Francisco but cheers from conservatives in the hinterlands whose unapproved views are punished with shadow banning and outright banning from anonymous Twitter employees.

Gainor, Dan (MRC) Gainor

“When [columnist] Bari Weiss left The New York Times, after her big battle there about their opinion page, one of the things she said was that Twitter was the assignment editor of The New York Times,” Gainor says of that powerful influence. “It's the assignment editor of the entire news media in this country.”

If that is the case, then those left-wing newsrooms are witnessing the hash tag "LiberalTears" trend on the website following the Musk announcement. 

Weiss, a liberal opinion writer who was pushed out of the Times newsroom by woke leftists, used her Twitter account to announce Musk was purchasing Twitter.

She also retweeted the billionaire's statement that free speech is the "bedrock of a functioning democracy, and Twitter is the digital town square where matters vital to the future of humanity are debated."