NBC's 'artistry' attempts to negate biology

NBC's 'artistry' attempts to negate biology

NBC's 'artistry' attempts to negate biology

A major broadcast news outlet has been accused of doctoring a photo in an attempt to persuade its viewers that transgender athlete Will Thomas is really a female.

The NCAA Women's Swimming Championships are in the books, and male swimmer Will Thomas, who calls himself "Lia" and competed against the women, became the darling of the mainstream media. NBC's Today Show sent reporter Blaine Alexander to cover the meet:

Alexander: "She is within striking distance of the long-held collegiate record by Missy Franklin and Katie Ledecky, so, of course, we're going to be watching to see if she touches those records during this weekend, too."

Thomas did not break those records – but if Alexander's glowing reports didn't convince viewers Thomas was a woman, 14 seconds into the story NBC showed a picture of him in the pool. The photo (above) – which appeared in a tweet last week by The Post Millennial's Mia Cathell – had been obviously airbrushed to make him look more feminine.

Dan Gainor of Media Research Center says in addition to NBC being woke, they were also hypocritical.

Gainor, Dan (MRC) Gainor

"This is the infuriating thing about journalism," Gainor tells AFN. "Journalists expect every company in America, or even the world, to bow down to their demands of transparency and information – and then journalism absolutely never does it."

The reason, according to the MRC spokesman, is that the mainstream media doesn't have to be honest because no one is holding them accountable.

"They are winning – and they know it. That's the real thing here," Gainor emphasizes. "They know that on this kind of issue they win so much. But everybody's afraid to say anything because if you say anything, you get canceled."