Wallace leaves right-leaning Fox for Titanic of cable news

Wallace leaves right-leaning Fox for Titanic of cable news

Wallace leaves right-leaning Fox for Titanic of cable news

Chris Wallace is leaving Fox News for viewer-starved rival CNN, a move the veteran journalist will likely regret, says a media watchdog.

“After 18 years, this is my final Fox News Sunday,” Wallace told viewers in a surprise weekend announcement. “I want to try something new, to go beyond politics to all the things I'm interested in.”

What Wallace did not tell viewers --- but CNN revealed in a press release --- was he is moving to CNN-Plus, a new streaming service that is being mocked before it even kicks off.

Curtis Houck of Media Research Center says Wallace is going from the top-rated news network to the sinking ship that is CNN. And he is doing so, Houck adds, based on a promise of journalistic freedom from CNN president Jeff Zucker.

“Which I think,” Houck tells American Family News, “is just absolutely absurd.”

By snagging Wallace, CNN and Zucker are bringing on a no-nonsense journalist whose combative and accusatory questions have frustrated conservative viewers loyal to the right-leaning network. The 74-year-old news man, who began his career at NBC News, is the son of the late Mike Wallace, the famed “60 Minutes” reporter.

Zucker moved to CNN in 2013 after leading NBC Universal, where he oversaw a drop in viewers under his tenure there and was literally paid to leave the struggling network.  

Over at struggling CNN, Zucker oversaw the news network’s 24-hour war against President Donald Trump. For four years, CNN viewers were warned President Trump was a danger to democracy, to minorities, to journalism, to voting, to freedom, to national security, and to the future of the planet.  

CNN delivered that ominous warning all the way up to the 2020 election only to witness its favorite villain get defeated and their Trump-hating audience melt away.  

In leaked audio from a pre-election conference call, Zucker instructed employees to “lean into” a narrative that Trump was “acting erratically” from prescribed steroids while recovering from COVID-19. In a second conference call, Zucker called the allegations contained in Hunter Biden’s abandoned laptop “unsubstantiated smears” that were being twisted by “right-wing media.”

Houck says Wallace is moving to a network where every person on CNN’s payroll is there because they repeat the approved left-wing talking points, which he compares to the Borgs on "Star Trek." 

This week, a CNN panel discussed why Fox News is allowed to be part of the White House press corps.