Roku no longer a Pornhub platform

Roku no longer a Pornhub platform

Roku no longer a Pornhub platform

Now with stockholders playing a role, pornography websites continue to get the message that illegal material won't be tolerated.

Jake Roberson of the National Center on Sexual Exploitation (NCOSE) reports that regardless of allowing pornography, Roku has become one of the world's leading online streaming platforms.

Roberson, Jake (NCOSE) Roberson

"In 2021, Roku had a 38% market share in the United States [and] a 31% market share in Canada," Roberson relays. "That means around the world it ended 2020 with 51.2 million active accounts."

Now, thanks to grassroots pressure, Roku has announced its decision to remove top porn provider Pornhub and other exploitative channels from its platform.

"Ourselves and allies … and activists from around the world have directly reached out to Ruku and to its shareholders to put pressure on them, to put before them the evidence of this sexual abuse and exploitation that their platform is playing a role in distributing," Roberson accounts.

He asserts that this announcement is a major one. It will go into effect in March of next year.

Meanwhile, because of pressure from anti-exploitation groups and grassroots efforts, Google is also making some changes. Roberson expects more success is forthcoming as the campaign continues.