MRC documented the real 'fire-breathing' racist haters

MRC documented the real 'fire-breathing' racist haters

MRC documented the real 'fire-breathing' racist haters

Virginia made history Tuesday by choosing the first-ever black, female statewide official, but the public witnessed the Left flail away in a despicable meltdown as if white-robed Klansmen lined up in Norfolk and Virginia Beach to vote for a black Republican candidate.

After defeating Democrat Hala Ayala, Winsome Sears delivered an inspiring speech that urged Virginians to ignore those attempting to divide people by the color of their skin.

“They would like us to believe that we are back in 1963 when my father came,” she told supporters. “We can live where we want. We can eat where we want. We own the water fountains. In case you haven't noticed, I am black and I have been black all my life.”

That late-night victory speech (pictured at right) was carried live on Fox News but left-wing cable networks CNN and MSNBC ignored Sears as if she didn’t exist during their election night coverage.

When the anchors and pundits did pay attention Tuesday night, they provided media watchdog Media Research Center with hours of outrageous footage when it became clear "blue” Virginia chose a black Republican for lieutenant governor and Jason Miyares, a Cuban-born GOP candidate, for lieutenant governor.

MRC spokesman Geoff Dickens tells American Family News the live meltdown happened because the left-wing network is convinced the Republican Party is a party of black-hating racists.

Poll watchers were watching across Virginia

Election Day in Old Dominion concluded Tuesday night with Republicans winning three statewide races and numerous legislature seats, too, and a political activist credits those wins in part to observant poll watchers.

When the polls opened across Virginia, trained poll watchers were ready to not only watch but also to speak up if they saw questionable behavior, says Rob Chambers of AFA Action.

“There's one thing to watch it,” he says of the poll-watching role. “Then there's another thing to actually having people there that are in positions of authority, that can actually contact the election commission, as they did when people at the polls were being turned away for not wearing a mask.”

Chambers, Rob (AFA Action) Chambers

According to media reports, some Virginia voters were instructed they had to wear a mask to vote which immediately created concern since many voters, especially Republicans, have ditched the mask. 

Chambers says a state election official quickly sent word that masks were not required, and it was a poll watcher who helped make that happen quickly, he says.

AFA Action is an affiliate of the American Family Association, the parent organization of the American Family News Network, which operates AFN.net.

“The liberal media really only like celebrating minority candidates if they are advancing a liberal progressive agenda,” he says. “Anything else destroys their narrative.”

Wallace: Critical Race Theory 'isn't real'

MRC, which has documented left-wing bias going back decades, happily collected more evidence at MSNBC as the night wore on, where the outraged panel blamed racist suburbanite Virginians and vilified Glenn Youngkin, the white governor-elect.

“[T]he only reason that we're talking about critical race theory,” said MSNBC pundit Jason Johnson, “is because Glenn Youngkin had 18 months to convince people that he was not a fire-breathing, horns-out-of-his-skull racist.”

“I think that the real ominous thing is that critical race theory, which isn't real, turned the suburbs 15 points to the Trump insurrection-endorsed Republican,” Nicolle Wallace complained to her co-hosts. 

In reality, back in the real world, Virginia and its public schools have made national news for more than a year after parents revolted against anti-white school lessons that accuse their children of holding back minorities by their “white privilege” and closeted racism. Youngkin denounced that teaching. Exit polling suggested he benefitted from parents who knew his stance and who also witnessed Terry McAuliffe deny it was taught in the state’s public schools despite their own knowledge of lessons about "equity," "white privilege," and "systemic racism." 

Over the weekend, just two days before Election Day, Fox News pointed out the Virginia Dept. of Education itself has numerous references to “Critical Race Theory” on its own website.

In the closing hours of the gubernatorial campaign, McAuliffe suggested Virginia has too many white teachers, which. That likely came as a shock to the liberal white teachers who willingly sat through mandatory “equity” training that was then passed on to their white students.

Black professor: Sears 'black mouth moving'

Even for MSNBC standards, Dickens says it was quite something to watch the liberal network blame racism and white supremacy for Glenn Youngkin’s win over McAuliffe.

“And also, by the way, voted for the first black lieutenant governor and the first Hispanic attorney general of Virginia,” he points out. “So are they racist or are they not?”

Virginia’s lieutenant governor-elect has a movie-inspiring story. She is a second-generation American and Marine Corps veteran whose father came to the U.S. from Jamaica broke and poor, a family story that can be told by tens of millions who trace their ancestry to hard times and big dreams.   

According to MSNBC, however, she is an enemy and a traitor to minorities.

“There is a black mouth moving,” Michael Eric Dyson said of Sears, but she “justifies and legitimates the white supremacist practices.”