Going 'woke' with Gonzo: Disney's latest attack on kids

Going 'woke' with Gonzo: Disney's latest attack on kids

Going 'woke' with Gonzo: Disney's latest attack on kids

Catholic League president Bill Donohue stands in disbelief about the latest LGBTQ activism targeting children, which saw the popular Muppet, Gonzo, change into a female – and try to get other Muppets to "transition," too.

"Why would Disney – the alleged family-friendly entertainment giant – want to encourage kids to reject their sex, and why aren't the media covering this story?" Donohue pondered in a Catholic League press release last week.

Goodbye Gonzo, hello woke activism

As left-wing corporate activism – through companies from Facebook to Coca-Cola – continues to use its influence to move the country into what critics call a form of Marxism, children are not being left out of the new vision for America … a vision being brought about through racial division, anti-Americanism, the culture of death, climate change and LGBTQ+ propaganda.

Donohue argues that Gonzo's transition signifies a lot more than playing dress-up or make-believe.

Donohue, Bill (Catholic League) Donohue

"The Muppet character, Gonzo, has 'transitioned' to a girl, Gonzorella – that is why he is wearing a dress to the 'royal ball,'" the Catholic leader recounted. "He does more than wear a dress – he instructs Miss Piggy and Summer that 'doing things a little different can be fun.'"

Normalizing and encouraging transgenderism and other alternative lifestyles promoted by the LGBTQ movement is the focus, which the Catholic League leader argues has gone way past the tolerance stage of yesteryear.

"The message to children is: a boy can be a girl, and vice versa, and making this choice, they are told, is not something abnormal – it's just 'a little different,'" Donohue pointed out. "Moreover, [they contend] it can be 'fun' to reject your sex and pretend that you belong to the opposite sex."

Not inclusiveness, but child abuse

Donohue argues that no matter how much the media, education system, politicians, entertainment industry and corporate America try to rebrand what they are doing – for example, pushing their agenda on America using their preferred lexicon with words such as "inclusion," "tolerance," "pride," "transgender," "gender pronouns" – what they are doing goes beyond neglect for children's well-being.

"This needs to be called out for what it is: child abuse," Donohue stressed. "Anyone who is even remotely knowledgeable about what sex transitioning entails – the physical and psychological problems that boys and girls experience are multiple – knows how pernicious this process is. Seven in ten of those who transition are girls wanting to be boys, and the extent of their suffering is well documented."

Media silently aboard

As formerly child-friendly corporations such as Disney and Lego – which debuted its first LGBTQ+ set for the Gay Pride month of June – push dangerous sexuality on children at early ages, Donohue notices how the mainstream media is generally nowhere to be found on the issue.

"So why is it that – aside from some gay and conservative news sources – this story is being ignored by the most influential newspapers, as well as the broadcast and cable news networks?" Donohue ponders. "Is it their insouciance that is driving their passivity? Or cowardice?"

He points out that it is not just the Left that stands by while children are being indoctrinated to try out potentially harmful sexual lifestyles.

"The big disappointment is the lack of response from the conservative community – thank God we have some like Candace Owens who will not be intimidated," the outspoken conservative continued.

"Genuine conservatives are concerned about the three 'M's' – namely: markets, missiles and morality. In recent years, many have all but given up on the latter 'M;' hence, the advent of Disney poisoning the minds of children."

In conclusion, Donohue emphasizes that anyone who thinks things can't get much worse "is a fool." He warns that if conservatives continue to retreat from controversial social and cultural issues, things will only get worse.

"This is not about treating everyone with respect – that is not the issue – it is about shielding our children from those who want to sexually engineer them," he laments.