Hannity: Biden representing U.S. as weak to world leaders

Hannity: Biden representing U.S. as weak to world leaders

Hannity: Biden representing U.S. as weak to world leaders

Fox News host of Hannity, Sean Hannity, ripped President Joe Biden and his administration Thursday for portraying weakness to foreign enemies of the United States.

A feeble puppet leader?

Showing that he is not alone on his take of the White House’s lack of respect globally under the administration, Hannity cited a recent poll conducted by the Trafalgar Group and Convention of States, which maintained that a large proportion of Americans doubt whether Biden is really in charge of the country.

"This administration is unraveling far faster than we even expected and, worst of all, no one knows who is in charge,” Hannity said on his show, according to Fox News. “As we told you earlier in the week – 57% of Americans – they see what we've been talking about … By the way, 58% of Independents – and even a third of Democrats – see it, and so does America's enemies."

Using the president’s latest jumbled speech, Hannity pressed his point that Biden is “definitely not” running the United States government … let alone his own thoughts.

"[Thursday], yet again, he struggled to get words out during his one and only publicly scheduled event," Hannity recalled. "As I said earlier this week, I honestly can no longer laugh – I can't joke about Biden's cognitive struggles. Everyone can see he is in really bad shape. Our allies see it, our enemies see it. The majority of the American people, they're seeing it [now], and it's downright dangerous."

And when it comes to relations with America’s foreign adversaries, Hannity reminded Americans that they should be extremely concerned about Biden’s leadership – or lack thereof.

“Recently, Russian-based hackers have attacked United States industries, and China continues to ramp up its threats against Taiwan and America,” Fox News recounted. “Now, the Biden administration is withdrawing from Afghanistan – leaving many concerned the Taliban will immediately take full control.”

Hannity insisted that a weak president who underestimates his enemies puts the entire nation in danger.  

"Biden is getting steamrolled by America's enemies,” the conservative host stressed. “None of these hostile actors fear or respect Joe Biden – neither does the Taliban."

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki was also targeted by Hannity, who demanded an apology from her for “not bothering” to give American troops credit when addressing Biden’s pullout of all American troops from Afghanistan – noting the Biden administration’s anti-military messaging.

"She said that there would be no celebration for the troops coming home because the war had not been won militarily," Hannity reminded viewers. "If this war was lost, there is only one reason, and it's a political one – blame Joe, your boss, and company. Militarily, the brave men and the brave women who fought in Afghanistan and decimated al Qaeda and heroically fought to maintain order in a failed state for two decades."

He left with a message to the puppeteers who he believes are holding Biden’s strings.

"Whoever is in charge at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue – whoever you are – you're doing a pretty terrible job, and tonight, the American people are suffering on all levels tonight as a result," Hannity ended.

Failure at the border

Earlier this month, Hannity blasted the president and Vice President Kamala Harris for the tragedy at the United States border that they incited by inviting illegal aliens to surge the border and receive amnesty.

“[T]he results of Biden's border surge have been catastrophic,” Hannity asserted in a Fox News report earlier this month. “In February, illegal immigration more than tripled – 100,000 illegal immigrants apprehended in February, 170,000 in March, 178,000 in April – and a whopping 180,000 in May, and by the way, that's only the number of people we caught.”

He went on to describe the magnitude of the unprecedented disaster at the border that the mainstream media continues to cover up for the administration.

“There are record-setting numbers – a 30-year high for illegal immigration – and get this, more unaccompanied minors are now crossing our southern border than ever before,” Hannity continued. “It is a crisis of a monumental scale. Border Patrol agents – I spent a lot of time with them today – they are overwhelmed, overworked.”

Another side of Democrats’ failed open borders policy was also mentioned.

“Dangerous cartels are making millions in human trafficking and taking advantage of the fact that all the resources are being used to basically process people illegally into the country,” Hannity noted. “That gives free rein to the drug dealers, the human traffickers. We know where 90% of America's heroin comes from – our southern border. We know the fentanyl crisis.”

Hannity was referring to how the Biden administration has allowed 41 pounds of fentanyl into the country since opening the borders in January – many times the amount that came into the country last year under former President Trump, and enough to kill 9 million Americans.

Biden cowers to Putin

After Biden’s meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin last month, Hannity ripped the president for his gutless approach to foreign policy, calling his performance in Geneva “pathetic,” “incoherent” and “unhinged.”

“The so-called summit with Vladimir Putin did absolutely nothing to advance any American interests in any way,” Hannity contended in his show’s transcript. “Instead, Vladimir received a massive platform in exchange for a zero-concessions, whatsoever, and then Putin used that platform to take shot after shot after shot at our country.”

He then pointed out Biden’s incompetence to defend the country.

“Joe, of course, was nowhere to be found correcting the record, because he was afraid to stand next to Vladimir, probably because he is not capable of doing it,” Hannity recounted. “Putin did not commit to ending the cyberattacks against our country [and] he didn't take responsibility for the hijacking of over 100 U.S. companies, nine federal agencies. He didn't agree to free Americans now wrongfully imprisoned in his hostile regime of Russia, [and] he didn't take responsibility for the Havana syndrome attack against U.S. diplomats. He didn't agree to stop poisoning and killing his political enemies, [and] he didn't agree to curtail his military aggression in Eastern Europe and around the world.”

Also mentioned was how Russia is getting bolder and strengthening other global enemies while a feeble president sits in the Oval Office.

“And [on June 16], Russia conducted, oh, a massive naval drill, oh, about 300 miles off the coast of our state of Hawaii – the first time they have done this since the Cold War,” Hannity added. “Hmm, I wonder, Joey, if that was a coincidence when you think your pal Vladimir did it on purpose. Now, Putin also gifted a spy satellite to the mullahs in Iran.”

Biden was than blasted for not having the backbone to stand up to Putin on anything – as the president continues to cripple his own country while allowing America’s enemies to get stronger.

“Joe Biden was unable unwilling to hold Putin accountable for anything, [and] as the chairman of the Human Rights Foundation put it today, even on MSDNC, Putin got what he wanted,” Hannity noted. “Remember, just after Joe shuttered the Keystone XL pipeline high-paying career jobs for our fellow Americans in the energy sector, skill-specific jobs that he just took away with the stroke of a pen, then Joey turns around and gives Vladimir Putin, you know, the nod. He literally says okay on the Nord Stream 2 pipeline into Germany. That would bring the country that we're helping to defend against Russia, that would bring them closer and help make Russia richer again, and by overriding the State Department recommendation. Joe [was] told not to do it and he did it anyway. He gave the waiver and lift[ed] all U.S. sanctions on the project.”

He blasted Biden for his international policy of appeasement – similar to the policy that was adopted while he served as vice president in the Obama administration.

“And what do we get in return for this grand gesture that will enrich Vladimir Putin and Russia? Nothing. We got nothing,” Hannity argued. “Appeasement doesn't work, has never worked, never will work – especially when the commander-in- chief is like Joe frail and weak and constantly, cognitively, well, weakened.”

The outspoken conservative personality ended by stressing that Biden is not the strong leader America needs to head its interests abroad.

“Putin doesn't respect – and he doesn't fear – Joe Biden in any way,” Hannity concluded. “[Putin's] a criminal in charge of a massive nuclear stockpile, so, obviously, it is critical that the U.S. has a president who is sharp, mentally alert, tough, tenacious and a president willing to turn the screws on Vladimir to keep him in check. Unfortunately, Joe is not that guy.”