NC judge's ruling allows another 'detransitioner' lawsuit to proceed

NC judge's ruling allows another 'detransitioner' lawsuit to proceed

NC judge's ruling allows another 'detransitioner' lawsuit to proceed

A lawsuit filed by a transgender “detransitioner” is getting noticed after a judge allowed it to proceed in the courts against the medical professionals she holds responsible for butchering her body.

Prisha Mosley, 25, is suing therapists, physicians and surgeons, and their respective medical facilities, in a complaint that alleges they assured the troubled teenager her depression and other mental issues could be helped by changing her female body to appear as a male.

Mosley, Prisha Mosley

Mosley’s lawsuit, filed almost a year ago in a North Carolina court, jumped a major hurdle in recent weeks when a judge ruled against a motion to dismiss the case. The complaint alleged numerous wrongdoings – seven in all – but Judge Robert Ervin allowed only two, fraud and civil conspiracy, to stand, according to a Fox News story.

Anthony Biller, an attorney who is representing Mosley, tells AFN his client was a “very troubled young lady” with a history of psychiatric and psychological issues.

“And she got caught up in the transgender community online,” Biller says, “and she went to her medical professionals.”

Wooed by 'gender-affirming care' 

In the transgender movement, the body-altering hormones and body-chopping surgery are referred to as “gender-affirming care." The confused children and teens, such as Mosley, are also encouraged by the LGBT movement to "live your truth" and "be true to yourself" by transitioning, adopting a new name, and wearing feminine or masculine clothing. 

Even though the movement uses threats of suicide to shut up "transphobic" critics, the issue of mental illness is rarely mentioned, either. In 2010, LGBT activists successfully lobbied the American Psychiatric Association to replace the medical term "gender identify disorder" with "gender dysphoria." 

"Diverse gender expressions, much like diverse gender identities, are not indications of a mental disorder," the APA guidelines now state. 

“I trusted these health care providers to take care of me,” Mosley wrote in a related Fox News opinion piece. “Because of that relationship of trust, and my vulnerable condition, I believed what they said, and I thought they were treating me properly.”

Meanwhile, so-called detransitioners such as Mosley and Chloe Cole are routinely vilified as traitors and are even threatened for warning others about transitioning. 

Cole, Chloe (new pic) Cole

Cole, 19, may be the most widely-known detransitioner. She filed suit last year against Kaiser hospitals for her hormone therapy and surgery.

Last month, Cole spoke at Disney’s annual shareholder meeting after learning the corporation covers gender transitioning for its employees. She demanded the corporate cover medical costs for detransitioning, too, which was rejected.

“The lawsuits are coming, sir,” Cole told Disney boss Bog Iger. “It’s only a matter of time before current or past employees, whose bodies and lives have been irreversibly harmed, will show up at your door looking for justice and restitution.”