Overall objective: Appoint justices who preserve justice

Overall objective: Appoint justices who preserve justice

Overall objective: Appoint justices who preserve justice

Donald Trump is bringing back a winning strategy from his 2016 campaign. A spokesman for a conservative legal center suggests it would be good for the country if Joe Biden followed suit.

The former president is working on a new list of 20 potential Supreme Court picks, should he be re-elected in November. Trump did something similar in 2016 to win over conservatives and Republicans. Phillip Jauregui of AFA Action's Center for Judicial Renewal thinks this is a good idea.

"This is something that's very helpful because it lets the movement talk about names and debate names and have meetings and talk about names," he tells AFN.

Jauregui was in Washington, DC, last week for meetings with senators and other people about topics such as judicial nominees.

Meanwhile, Trump is suggesting President Joe Biden also release his own list, something the former president says would give voters the opportunity to see which people Biden has in mind and compare those names to Trump's list. Jauregui also likes this approach.

Jauregui, Phillip (Ctr for Judicial Review) Jauregui

"The Supreme Court, for probably 40 years, was the worst branch of government. They were the Judicial Branch, but they were acting in many ways like the Legislative Branch – dealing legislative power and making policies like abortion on demand, homosexual marriage, all these types of … sexual issues in the court," says Jauregui.

"None of those things were ever within the court's jurisdiction, but nevertheless they took them. But we've moved into a new era where now we see the court is, for the most part, not creating new rights but they're actually guarding liberty."

As a result, Jauregui calls today's Supreme Court the "best of the three branches right now."

"We're looking to them to preserve justice. We're looking to them to make decisions and protect the Constitution when the other branches are overstepping," he concludes. "So, it's really important that we have good people in that position on the Supreme Court."

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