Fournier: Legal battles against Trump really a war against us all

Fournier: Legal battles against Trump really a war against us all

Fournier: Legal battles against Trump really a war against us all

After the U.S. Supreme Court announced it will hear Donald Trump's immunity appeal, a Trump supporter says the crazed reaction from Democrats reveals their darkest fear: Their most-hated enemy might escape his legal pursuits and win the White House again.

The U.S. Supreme Court announced Feb. 28 it will hear a huge, important case: Whether the former president has presidential immunity from criminal charges he conspired to overturn the results of the 2020 election. 

The justices could also choose to hear the Colorado ballot case in which that state became the first to remove Trump from its ballot. Maine followed suit and, on Wednesday, Illinois joined in when Cook County Judge Tracie R. Porter orderd that state’s board of elections to remove Trump.

Meanwhile, the election clock is ticking.  Maine will conduct its GOP Primary on March 5. Illinois votes on March 19 and Colorado on June 25.

An 'egregious assault on democracy'

Ryan Fournier, founder of Students for Trump, said on American Family Radio Thursday that these attacks are not only against Trump.

“This is an egregious assault on democracy,” he told show host Jenna Ellis.

Fournier, Ryan Fournier

Fournier's description of the current political climate summarizes what is happening, beginning with a moral and political debate of who is saving democracy and what that looks like. President Biden has warned Democrat voters democracy is "on the ballot" in November but 66% of Republican voters told a YouGov poll Trump is being targeted unfairly.

Even a national debate over "democracy" is questionable, especially in a country founded as a representative democracy. That harks back to the adage democracy is two wolves and one sheep deciding what is for dinner.  

Fournier says no consideration is being given to working-class voters who expect order and integrity when choosing their political leaders.

“You have to think about the average American who comes home from their 9-5 job, doesn't pay attention to what's really happening throughout the day, they come inside, they eat dinner, and as they're watching dinner, they turn on the news, and they see Trump removed from the Illinois ballot by a judge.

“They see Trump removed from a Colorado ballot. They see the pundits and the hosts, and they’re talking about losing the country. They may not fully understand what’s going on, but they see this, and it’s the perception. There are a lot of mad people right now, a lot of upset Americans,” Fournier said.

Maddow questions 'legitimacy' of Supreme Court

A recent Media Research Center survey found that 90% of media coverage mentions Donald Trump in a negative light. 

Now those same liberal voices are taking aim at Supreme Court justices for agreeing to hear Trump's immunity case and potentially extend that process past the election.

“You have (MSNBC host) Rachel Maddow on her show calling the Supreme Court literal insurrectionists," Fournier said. "You have pundits now calling for Clarence Thomas, for John Roberts to step down. They think it’s a political play to help Trump."

On her show, Maddow accused the justices of using their judicial power to help their "political friend," Trump.

"And they know it and they don't care that we know it," Maddow said. "And that's disturbing about the future legitimacy of the court." 

Fournier sees the issue quite differently. In light of other courts and judges trying to put Trump in jail, he says the Supreme Court has to hear the case or else Americans risk losing their way of life.

“It should scare everybody that you have judges that are so unhinged like this that they are willing to do this with Democrat as their party registration," he warned. "This is not the country we grew up in. We never persecuted political enemies."

Fournier says Americans are rightfully disturbed by the tactics they are witnessing but he adds they are not being fooled by what is happening. 

“The Left is losing the PR war with this," he said. "It’s starting to look more tyrannical than is helping the nation."