True the Vote's resounding vindication

True the Vote's resounding vindication

True the Vote's resounding vindication

An election integrity organization is celebrating a "monumental" legal victory in Georgia.

A left-wing organization called Fair Fight Action had accused the Texas-based True the Vote of intimidating voters in December of 2020, prior to a 2021 Georgia Senate runoff. But U.S. District Judge Steve C. Jones has ruled that True the Vote did not violate the Voting Rights Act when it challenged the eligibility of 360,000 voter registrations.

In a post on the organization's X account, True the Vote founder and President Catherine Engelbrecht says they have been fully vindicated.

Engelbrecht, Catherine (True the Vote) Engelbrecht

"The court has decided in our favor in full. We've beaten Stacey Abrams, Fair Fight, Marc Elias, his law firm, and his gaggle of attorneys, and the Department of Justice," she states. "Thank you to all of you who stood so steadfastly by us through these tumultuous times."

Noting the "difficult moments" along the way, she asserts it was a journey they had to take.

"It is necessary for citizens to stand for lawful elections, for trustworthy elections," says Engelbrecht.

Reasoning that America is not free if her elections are not fair, Engelbrecht adds that Americans should "never stop fighting the good fight."

True the Vote remains steadfast in its mission to support trustworthy elections and looks forward to assisting citizens in future lawful efforts.