Feds' claim that it can destroy state property doesn't cut it

Feds' claim that it can destroy state property doesn't cut it

Feds' claim that it can destroy state property doesn't cut it

It's considered a victory for the state of Texas. A federal judge on Monday ruled the Biden administration must stop cutting razor wire on fences along the country's southern border meant to stop immigrants crossing illegally from Mexico.

Governor Greg Abbott of Texas talked with Fox's Sean Hannity about the current status of his state's border with Mexico and the issues American cities are facing with the influxes of migrants.

"We need the president to start enforcing the immigration laws of the United States of America, period," the governor exclaimed. "In all my life of public service, I've never seen anything like what happened this past week with what Joe Biden did, because Texas has built mile after mile after mile of a concertina razor-wire barrier to prevent illegal immigrants from coming in – and it worked."

Abbott expressed irritation about the recent action on the southern border. "Biden's Border Patrol used wire cutters to cut it open, open it up, and thousands came in," he stated. "They are aiding and abetting illegal entry."

Fox News reports that the Department of Homeland Security released a statement last week, saying that border agents "have a responsibility under federal law" to protect migrants from being injured, regardless of legal status.

District Judge Alia Moses' ruling only temporarily halts the federal government's action until arguments are heard on November 13 … with one exception. If the immigrant has a serious or life-threatening medical emergency before reaching the wire – and if there is no other life-saving device such as a boat present – the individual can cross.

The temporary order resulted from a lawsuit filed October 24 by Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton challenging federal officials' statement that they had the authority to destroy state property so that illegal aliens could enter the country and be processed.