Gun control measures – Why do Dems even bother?

Gun control measures – Why do Dems even bother?

Gun control measures – Why do Dems even bother?

A gun rights attorney believes the U.S. Supreme Court will ultimately strike down California's new law restricting Second Amendment rights.

The federal government already taxes the sale of guns and ammunition at 10% or 11%, depending on the type of gun. The new law Governor Gavin Newsom (D) has signed doubles those taxes and puts new restrictions on where people can carry guns, including churches.

California is now the only state with its own 11% tax on guns and ammunition.

Hammond, Mike (GOA) Hammond

Like other far-Left Democrats, Newsom blames guns – not the people who pull the trigger – for the increasing violence in society. But Mike Hammond, legislative council to Gun Owners of America, is sure that the Supreme Court will overturn this effort.

"We're going to, soon enough, bring the lawsuit," he tells AFN. "Gavin Newsom probably has no real expectation that it's going to be upheld … but it's just a political game."

Hammond is also confident that the Supreme Court will uphold a federal judge's recent decision to strike down a state law banning gun magazines of more than 10 rounds.

"If it's one thing that's been consistently overturned, it's magazine bans," the attorney notes. "I don't even know why they go through the exercise, because they are invariably declared unconstitutional."

As for Newsom's presidential bid, Hammond considers his liberal record and does not think he could ever be elected president.