Gov. Youngkin, beneficiary of Virginia's parental revolt, pardons father who started it all

Gov. Youngkin, beneficiary of Virginia's parental revolt, pardons father who started it all

Scott Smith

Gov. Youngkin, beneficiary  of Virginia's parental revolt, pardons father who started it all

An irate father whose arrest at a school board meeting eventually revealed a wicked cover-up has been pardoned by Virginia’s governor, Glenn Youngkin, whose surprise election win can be traced to public outrage when parents finally learned the truth about Loudoun County public schools.

In a Sunday announcement, Gov. Youngkin announced he was granting an “absolute pardon” to Scott Smith that reflects the man’s “factual innocence” from criminal charges of obstruction of justice and disorderly conduct.

In video footage from June 2021 that went viral, Smith is seen surrounded by police officers while he is arguing with an unseen person. When a police officer pulls Smith back, a shoving match ensues and he is quickly tackled to the ground.

Jeff Katz, a Richmond radio host at WRVA, has been following Smith’s legal ordeal ever since his arrest made national news. Like many others, Katz now knows why the father of a ninth-grade high school student showed up at the meeting.

"Scott Smith's daughter had been the victim of a sexual assault,” Katz correctly recalls, “and the school board was in the process apparently of covering it up and, to put it mildly, he was outraged.”

Daily Wire tracked down dad

The public became outraged, too, when it learned more information – none of it good – about their own school district and their lying leaders. Thanks to an exclusive Daily Wire story, the public learned school leaders knew of the sexual assault by a skirt-wearing male student but kept it quiet. Why? Because the school board intended to pass a transgender-friendly bathroom policy that very evening when Smith was arrested.

In fact, the school district superintendent assured the army of parents that night their fears were misplaced because there was no record of any assaults in school bathrooms, the Daily Wire story pointed out.

And the facts only got worse from there. After the rape of Smith’s daughter at Stone Bridge High, the male student was transferred to a second high school where he assaulted a second female student while he was still facing charges for the first crime. 

Luke Rosiak, an investigative reporter at The Daily Wire reporter, is credited with revealing the sickening cover-up after tracking down Smith to ask why he seemed so angry that day.

Victoria Cobb, of Virginia-based Family Foundation, tells AFN the group was pleased with Smith's pardon because he had "every right" to give a public comment that evening at the school board meeting.

"The efforts to stop him from sharing his daughter's tragic story was unacceptable," she says. "It was so wrong that our very own law firm actually won a case against the school board for illegally locking parents out of that meeting."

Youngkin defended parents

After those revelations came to light during the summer of 2021, political newcomer Youngkin recognized parents were angry of the left-wing propaganda in their schools. He made it a campaign issue and promised to address it as governor.

“You believe school systems should tell children what to do,” Youngkin told his opponent, Terry McAuliffe, in a debate just weeks before the election. “I believe parents should be in charge of their kids’ education.”

“I don’t think parents,” McAuliffe replied, “should be telling schools what they should teach.”

Youngkin would go on to defeat McCauliffe in a narrow 50%-48% but he did so in a state that Joe Biden had won by 10 points.

Smith targeted by Soros-backed prosecutor

This week, in a Daily Wire story about the pardon, Rosiak reported Smith was the political target of a left-wing county prosecutor, Buta Biberaj. She wanted to put Smith in jail for the disorderly conduct charge, which was only a misdemeanor charge from his arrest two years ago. 

Biberaj, who was elected in 2019 with campaign contributions from George Soros, was removed from Smith’s criminal case last fall due to potential bias, Rosiak reported at the time.

In a statement after the pardon, Buberaj called Youngkin’s pardon a “political stunt” that was an “unprecedented and inappropriate intervention into an active legal case.”

Two years after Smith's arrest made national news, other parents are still targeted by Loudoun County's communist activists for speaking at school board meetings. Back in May, an ABC News affiliate reported a Facebook group targeted and threatened violence against three people, including one who was fired due to doxxing.

The name of the group is "Loudoun Love Warriors," which includes prominent people affiliated with a county supervisor, several school board members, and with prosecutor Buberaj. 

In the same Daily Wire story, Smith told Rosiak whom he was talking to in that now-famous confrontation right before he was arrested and handcuffed. He said that person was Jackie Schworm, a left-wing activist, who told the angry father she didn’t believe his daughter had been sexually assaulted and promised to use social media to ruin him.

Smith says he called Schworm a “b---” when she did so and for that he was facing a jail sentence, two years after that incident, until Gov. Youngkin pardoned him.