Schools employing 'pathological deception' while transitioning youngsters

Schools employing 'pathological deception' while transitioning youngsters

Schools employing 'pathological deception' while transitioning youngsters

An attorney with a Sacramento-based legal firm says California is seeing an increasing number of cases accusing schools of keeping parents in the dark when youngsters admit to "gender confusion."

A California mom recently collected $100,000 from her daughter's school district after it was caught trying to "secretly transition" the 11-year-old girl into a boy. According to the Center for American Liberty, the school "fostered her identification as a boy, gave her articles on how to conceal her new gender identity from her family, and put her on a 'Gender Support Plan' that instructed school staff to refer to her by a male name and male pronouns."

Now, a teacher who refused to go along with the gender confusion of three of her students was fired from her Sacramento charter school. Matt McReynolds of Pacific Justice Institute (PJI) says Gateway Community Charters tried to force Jessica Leary to violate her deeply held religious beliefs that God created two genders: male and female.

"The teacher was confronted with an ultimatum: that she utilize these new fake pronouns for students in accordance with the students' wishes and cut their parents out of the equation," the attorney explains.

According to PJI, Leary was aware that two of the sets of parents were not supportive of their daughters' transitions. Still, McReynolds says the fifth-grade teacher tried to work with the school.

"She asked for an accommodation," he tells AFN. "She suggested I don't want to mistreat anybody, but I can't just deceive parents like this."

McReynolds, Matthew (Pacific Justice Institute) McReynolds

McReynolds says the parents in the school – because of the lawsuit – are just now finding out about the policy to leave them in the dark about their kids' gender confusion. He also says the school had tried to cover up the reason Leary was fired.

"They sent a message to all the parents in her class – not to say what they had done, but to lie about that, too, and to tell them that [Leary] had chosen to leave for a different opportunity," he states. "It's just a pathologically deceptive environment."

McReynolds says cases like this are piling up in the Golden State and it's time to face the problem head-on. "This is a showdown that needs to happen," he urges. "Parents have got to be kept in the loop, especially when their kids are struggling."