Judge allows lawsuit to proceed against TX school board

Judge allows lawsuit to proceed against TX school board

Judge allows lawsuit to proceed against TX school board

A man who was arrested while trying to speak at a school board meeting is suing the school district and its leaders, and now a federal judge has ruled his lawsuit can proceed.

Jeremy Story, a father of seven, was arrested in August 2021 when he attempted to discuss criminal allegations involving Hafedh Azaiez, superintendent of the Red Rock Independent School District.

Instead, when the topic became clear, the president of the school board ordered police officers to arrest Story and escort him out, according to a Daily Signal story.

Story was attempting to bring up the fact an ex-girlfriend of Azaiez had filed for a protective order after accusing him of assaulting her at her home while she was pregnant with his child.

Azaiez was temporarily suspended by the school district in 2022 during an investigation of those allegations but was later reinstated, the Signal story said.

Mandy Drogin of the Texas Public Policy Foundation says Story's free speech rights were violated by the Round Rock District School Board.

"The majority of the claims that Mr. Story brought forth to the court they found to be factual, at least based in fact, and there was enough evidence to support his claims. And therefore, it'll move forward,” she tells AFN.

Drogin, Mandy (AFC) Drogin

After being kicked out, Story filed a grievance against the school board and was arrested at his home the very next day. When he later attempted to speak in front of school board members, they got up and walked out while he stood in front of them.

If the court eventually decides in Story's favor, Drogin predicts a future decision could have far -reaching implications.

"I think it'll at least make school boards in the education establishment, that monopoly that controls so many different levers of the American education system, at least think twice about utilizing the law enforcement system,” she says.