Time to familiarize the president with constitutional concept

Time to familiarize the president with constitutional concept

Time to familiarize the president with constitutional concept

Lawsuits may be coming as the Biden administration continues to violate federal law on abortion.

The Biden administration has instituted policies with the Department of Justice and the Department of Veterans Affairs to pay for abortions, including the travel to obtain them.

But considering that the Hyde Amendment bars use of federal funds for abortion, Harry Scherer of Americans United for Life (AUL) agrees with experts who say the president is violating federal law and should face legal charges.

"Also, we see news out of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) of a proposed rule that is supposed to be published on Friday that would attempt to force employers to fund abortions," he adds.

Once that happens, however, the pro-lifer says people will be able to provide public comment, which means the White House will be opening itself up to reminders that the president is breaking federal law.

Meanwhile, because the executive agencies are legislating, which is the job of Congress, Scherer says it is a clear violation of separation of powers.

Scherer, Harry (AUL) Scherer

"This is from a president that once said he supported the Hyde Amendment," the pro-lifer notes. "But now his administration is very far, very far from that. This is not any form of democratic governance that we were used to; this is certainly an imposition [and] such an egregious overstep from the executive branch."

So, he suspects legal action will be taken to bring it to a halt.

Defending life

Right to Life of Wyoming and state Representatives Rachel Rodriguez-Williams (R) and Chip Neiman (R) have asked the state Supreme Court to allow them to defend the Life is a Human Right Act after a state trial court blocked them from doing so.

Garrison, Tim (ADF) Garrison

"The rules in this case, or about interveners generally, say that people with significant interests in the common question of law or fact to the underlying litigation should ordinarily be permitted to be represented in that litigation," explains attorney Tim Garrison of Alliance Defending Freedom's (ADF) Center for Life, the law firm representing the pro-life organization and lawmakers in the case.

"That makes sure that everybody that has a legitimate interest in this case can be heard, and it promotes the interest of finality and helps move the matter to resolution expeditiously," Garrison adds.

The Life is a Human Right Act, which affirms that life is a human right and, in Garrison's words, ensures that women are given "the real healthcare and support they deserve," prohibits abortion in the state.