TX judge: Satanic 'ritual' case filed in 'bad faith'

TX judge: Satanic 'ritual' case filed in 'bad faith'

TX judge: Satanic 'ritual' case filed in 'bad faith'

A promoter of faith, family, and freedom in Texas is "very happy" that group of Satanists didn't receive the reception they wanted in her state.

Houston Federal Judge Charles Eskridge recently ruled against The Satanic Temple in its lawsuit against Texas' near-total ban on abortions. They claim it violates their religious freedom, but Judge Eskridge said their arguments are willfully inadequate and deficient, and he dismissed the suit for being filed in "bad faith."

Castle, Mary Elizabeth (Texas Values) Castle

"We see Satanists file these so-called religious liberty cases all the time, but over and over again, our courts have very clearly stated that the Satanists don't have rights to religious liberty," notes Mary Elizabeth Castle of Texas Values. "So, we're very happy about this court decision."

Since it is illegal for Satanists to kill children who are out of the womb, they claim Texas' pro-life laws violate their religious "ritual" of abortion, which has been their modern, legal way of sacrificing children.

"I think the courts and our society very clearly can see that this is not a religious liberty claim; this is just a pro-abortion political stance," Castle continues. "The court very correctly decided that this is a political stance, and it does not hold. Our pro-life laws are morally right, politically right, and legally right."

The Satanic Temple has filed similar lawsuits in other states and has yet to gain traction.